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MNL TTD: Masungi Georeserve

Cathy C’s college friends had planned a trip to Masungi Georeserve for a couple of months now and this past Saturday was the time to head out! Cathy and I decided to take one car and got to the parking lot of the georeserve 1.5 hours early! We were scared of the possible traffic but hey, the roads going there are surprisingly smooth because they’ve all been repaved. If you plug in “Masungi Georeserve” on Waze, it should direct you right to the parking lot entrance. BTW, it took us about 1.5 hours from Greenhills, San Juan all the way to the park.

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Sort of easy to miss sign (Source: miccadj)

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MNL Eats/Drinks: Rambla

It’s in my honest opinion that Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati doesn’t have the greatest food options.

Sorry, not sorry.

However, in recent years, there are a few gems that have popped up just beyond the mall. Rambla happens to be one of them and I happen to have a weakness for small plates and tasting menus.


Open kitchen and bar! (Source: Zomato)

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MNL Eats: Nobu Manila

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited last minute to dine at the famed Nobu Manila that opened over a year ago (Hello, December 2014). I know I’m late but I like to go with my own flow aka when no one’s talking about it anymore and it’s easier to get a reservation. Rewind back 15 years ago to 2001 when I stumbled upon a couple of Nobu cookbooks in our house. I didn’t really have that love of food that I do now but I knew I liked to eat and when pictures of food look beautiful, I’d like to think that the food would taste the same. But alas, the only Nobu restaurants I knew of were nowhere really near Manila and I was not dropping that kind of cash. Not when I was 12 years old. No way, man.

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Love the wooden accents (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

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MNL Eats: Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

Eight Coffee Bar by UCC opened quietly last month at 8 Rockwell, the newest building in the Rockwell area. At least to me it was quietly because I only saw about it in a random newspaper article. With more choices for coffee, food, and even alcohol, Eight by UCC was ready to take on the ever increasingly competitive food scene in the surrounding area.

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Eight by UCC (Source: miccadj)

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MNL TTD/Eats: Landers Superstore

Here’s a secret: I actually love shopping! But my favorite kind of shopping has got to be grocery shopping because food, duh. Landers Superstore has been open for a while but I just never got around to going there because traffic after work is brutal. Until last week because someone else drove and I was able to catch up on Pokémon Go in the car :3

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Sorta, kinda, very super (Source: miccadj)

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MNL Eats: Tien Tien Hot Pot

Warning: This post contains photos of raw meat which could look yuckles to you.

Hot pot on a rainy day always hits the spot!

I am ashamed to say that I only discovered this place in 2014. Tien effing Tien is the bomb! The first time I was able to dine here, we ordered off the ala carte menu but I had noticed that every one else was enjoying a hot pot meal. Subsequent visits were made and it was hot pot all the way from there. No regrets were had.

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Momma dJ taking charge (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

(Skip the next paragraph if you already know how to get there/park cause tl;dr)

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MNL Eats: Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Recently, Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant opened at The Fort Strip (There’s an actual sign!) to the delight of many diners around the metro. Its namesake, Chef Kiyoshi Ogawa has a stellar resume which includes being the head chef of Senju at EDSA Shangrila hotel and Marufuku hidden in Ortigas Center, among other international establishments. It was about time the renowned chef’s name appeared at the forefront.

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For some reason the hostess went around the bridge although she said it was okay to cross it. So that’s what I did while pretending to be a ninja! (Source: miccadj)

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