Review: Camelbak Ultra 10 Vest

Apologies as I’ve been MIA for more than a hot minute! Work has gotten a lot busier for me and I’ve increased my training load for more difficult challenges coming up. I’m considering gear reviews to be a new probably short thing that I can do every now and then. I don’t always get new gear so it’s probably not gonna be a very frequent thing.
Anyway, here goes!

The Camelbak Ultra 10 is the first running vest I bought and have been using it for trail runs and Spartan Endurance events for a little over a year now. Aside from the free Spartan Race pack I got from a Hurricane Heat, this is the pack I’ve been using exclusively.

Getting all caught up in barbed wire at the 2017 Typhoon Heat at Timberland Heights (Source: Spartan Race Philippines)

The fit is on the looser side and I’d say it can be difficult to find the right size for smaller people. I usually have to adjust the side straps every now and then while running but I personally don’t find it bothersome to do.
IMG_7948 2

I hate having to hold things while running so front pocket accessibility is a godsend (Source: Active Pinas)

I love how I can access many things via the front pockets especially my phone (iPhone 7) when I suddenly want to take photos during a run. The back is very roomy, some may say too roomy but I find that it’s perfect for Spartan Endurance events when they ask you to bring a few more items. It does feel a bit weird if you don’t fill the pack all the way. I’d imagine the space is also great for longer hikes where there are no aid stations like at running events.

Strapped it down all the way to avoid bounce (Source: Spartan Race Philippines)

I’ve never used poles so I can’t tell how they would fit with the pack. The Camelbak soft flasks work great with the front pockets although I only use one at a time and use the other pocket for snacks. I personally enjoy sipping water (just water) from the bladder cause I don’t have to fiddle with the flasks while on the move.

#MudButt (Source: miccadj)

My height is around 5’4″ and haha I will not give my weight away but I’ve enjoyed using this product for my adventures so far. Thanks for surviving all the mud I put you through!

Surviving yet another race with this crazy (Source: Glairold Recella Photography)

Ps. I basically wear the same thing at every race! The only things that change are my socks, shoes, and race bib!

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