Training Progress Updates: Spartan Sprint Philippines

I’m joining the 1st Spartan Race in The Philippines! It’s a Spartan Sprint so around 3k-5k course with 20 obstacles. After doing the Viper Challenge in February I knew I needed to do a lot more work. In Spartan, if you fail an obstacle, you have to do 30 burpees. Viper didn’t have such repercussions.

I basically loaded up on circuit training/boot camp/HIIT/whatever new name and strength training on alternating days + daily runs. I also work out after work because I’m not a morning person whatsoever. Mondays are reserved badminton and weekends are for me to attempt to convince my parents to run outside then end up running on a treadmill.

After 7 or so months of continuous training and fun races, I can finally scramble up a rope! Totes not sure if I would’ve been able to do it earlier cause I was always too scared but better rope climb than burpees! 😂

Yeaaa that was a scrappy attempt but with just a little over a month til game time, I’ll take it. I’ll just really have to improve that foot lock.

I’m just super happy that I was finally able to ascend the rope without knots! PROGRESS IS A WONDERFUL THING.

Next challenge in 3 parts:

1) Look for monkey bars I can use

2) Get across monkey bars

3) Less burpees on game day




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