Star Wars Run SG: May The Force Be With You Through 10k

Almost anything Star Wars is an A+ in my book (one exception being Jar Jar Binks)! I found out about this run right after we finished the Viper Challenge in February and I immediately signed up for it. The most difficult part was picking between the Light Side or Dark Side for runner entitlements!

Here we go, The Dark Side! (Source: Instagram)

I ran this 10k quite slow and though I did want to be competitive about it, I decided just to go with my gut and walk when I felt like I needed to catch my breath. I had also already walked 20,000+ steps earlier in the day which included a 15 minute shake out run. My calves were already screaming before the race even began!

The weather was super duper hot and humid (more than Manila! 😮 ) and the race was quite crowded. I’d say somewhere between 5000-7000 runners? That was a totally new environment.

Around the Marina Bay area (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

I took it easy most of the way so my Km splits aren’t the bomb. At this point, I really don’t mind anymore.

Horrible KM splits 😬  (Source: miccadj)

Just a teeny tiny bit of peak heart rate whew!

The cardio life (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

Calories burned!

Calories burned for the awesome post-race meal! (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

KM markers were set up along the race route and each one had a different design. I took a photo of a Dark Side one cause lol that’s the team I ran for! Some spectators were in full costume giving out high fives and encouragement! Fun!

I hit my head on the lamp after taking this photo 😂  (Source: miccadj)

I loved the refreshment stations because they served coconut water instead of Gatorade or some other overly sweet drinks! We also got a free bottle of coco water at the end! Each race category and side had different medals and since I signed up for the Dark Side 10k, I got a cool TIE Fighter one! NICEEEE!

Dark Side Hardware (Source: miccadj)

For this race, instead of my usual Hufflepuff Quidditch shirt, I wore a shirt that had Boba Fett’s face with the words “Chasing Solo” and Boba Fett socks! I forgot to take a photo of them and now they’re in the wash but they were definitely cooler than cool :]



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