Hollywood Half Marathon/10k/5k: First “Cold Weather” 10k

Sooooo, I sneaked in a 10k during a weekend trip to Los Angeles because I could! Most of the run was done on Hollywood Blvd and we started at Dolby Theater and El Capitan Theater, where many movie premieres happen!

The starting line (Source: miccadj)

I quite enjoyed this race because it started later than I’m used to (6am instead of 430am) and the weather was nice and cool! It was even misty when I was walking to the start.

Most of the course was on the famous Hollywood Blvd (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

Some Fitbit data:
Km Splits

Km4 was the tummy ache km which is annoying because it happens every race. Km6 was when I realized I had a blister on my right big toe!

Better time yay! (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

HR Data

Just a bit of peak HR (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

Calorie Data!


I wish I burned more! (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

Some runners wore costumes like Hollywood icons and pop culture icons!

Stormtrooper and son!! (Source: miccadj)

I think someone cheered “Go Bears!” at me but I wasn’t sure because I had my headphones on >___>;; I’m so sorry for not responding! Someone else said they really liked my Hufflepuff shirt and ran ahead of me lol!

Jess F went with me and waited for me to finish my race and got a photo! Thank you, Jess :]

At the finish line! (Source: Jess F)

Yo Simon Sinek, here’s another participation medal! 😂

Hardware (Source: miccadj)

I really enjoyed this race because I didn’t overheat and finished strong. I believe this is my fastest time for a 10k too so I’m pretty proud of that :]



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