Yakult 10 Miler Run: But Actually 5k for Funsies

Signed up for this one on a whim and got Jen G to run as well! 5ks are perfect for running in groups because it’s a manageable distance for most people and there’s not as much pressure πŸ‘Œ

The start was the finish and the finish was the start (Source: miccadj)

We took our time to get around the course that goes through streets with pretty big intersections. I’m glad that they closed a portion of the streets and that volunteers/cops were there to help guide us and motorists from any mishaps. The worst thing I saw on this course was a squished, dead rat. Ew.

5k route (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

All finishers got a medal cause hey, we like our participation medals a lot πŸ˜› Β Here’s Jen G with her hardware!

Hufflepuff represent! (Source: miccadj)

So far, this medal design is the one I like the most for this year! So clean and shiny πŸ™Œ Β  Also looks like it could work as a bottle opener!

Hardware (Source: miccadj)

I didn’t mind that people were running past me and I’m glad we pushed to finish strong. Now, that’s a fun run!



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