Viper Challenge SG: 10k + 15 Obstacles = My First OCR

Signing up for the Viper Challenge was what pushed me into going to gym consistently. I didn’t actually know what I signed up for but Sammie S was very convincing (it didn’t take much convincing because I was interested anyway) and I was all like “LEGGO”. And then I saw the YouTube videos…

Sammie S getting ready to roll! (Source: miccadj)

I’m not sure how to describe the race exactly but overall it was fun, challenging, and very fulfilling. Although I felt that I wasn’t strong enough, the guys on the Lion City Spartans (Yay thanks for adopting me!) made sure everyone who needed help got it and made it through the obstacles! Teamwork FTW!

Some of the Lion City Spartans! We made sure to stop for the cameras :] (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Here are most of the obstacles šŸ˜¬šŸ˜¬šŸ˜¬ I just made the names up!

Tire crawl (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Inflated cargo net climb (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Roadkill (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Spinning monkey bars! Also, hi Magix! (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

A frame climb (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Dips (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Inclined wall rope climb (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Team tire pull/flip (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Tire traverse (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Double balance beam (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

Rope/fence traverse (Viper Challenge Facebook)

Cargo net diamond climb (Source: Viper Challenge Facebook)

We also carried jugs of water, a medicine ball, and somehow climbed and went over an ~8ft wall!

All the upper arm stuff was difficult for me and I found climbing with the nets to be the easiest challenge. Except for the overhangs. Never liked those anyway. Running of course was the easiest out of everything for me >.>

And now for Fitbit data!

I wrapped my Fitbit with something called Mudbandz just in case it got wet/muddy. My phone was also in a Ziploc bag! My next big purchase is gonna be a GPS capable watch >_____>

Running around Sentosa! (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

This justified the pizza, wings, and soda we had to celebrate after! (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

Teamwork was definitely key and I’m very thankful to have made so many new friends! :] Y’all are inspiring and super duper strong! #MiccaMatakawGoals

Lion City Spartans! (Source: miccadj)

I survived! (Source: miccadj Instagram)

Sam kicked ass! (Source: miccadj)

I thought I was gonna have to toss my shoes but they’re good and I’ll donate them or something anyway. There was definitely more sand underneath the insoles and I’m glad we didn’t track any sand into the house!

I swear these shoes used to be black (Source: miccadj)

Hardware (Source: miccadj)

My arms are pretty sore but that’s nothing ointment can’t take care of! Planning to continue training and probably joining a Spartan Race or two in the future šŸ˜›



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