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Xavier 60 Stallion Run: First 10k Evah!

Today, I finished the first 10k run of my life! It was quite thrilling and very very tiring. I’m surprised I’m still awake right now!

I joined the Xavier Stallion Run at the boys school next to my alma mater because it’s just the familiar place next door.

The route looks like a hand! High five! (Source: miccadj Fitbit)

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I apologize for being absent for quite a long time! Stuff came up and my schedule is well, all scheduled now so not as much flexibility on my part.

(Source: The Awkward Yeti)

In other news, I will admit that I didn’t watch the inauguration because I’m not sure how I would react. Probs saw most of the important bits on social media anyway.
Just wanna share a throwback photo of President Obama way before he became POTUS. It was my first time covering a newsworthy event and this is truly a lucky shot because I stood on someone’s chair when they tried to crowd Obama.

Then Sen. Obama campaigning c.09/2007 (Source: miccadj)

(It’s one of my most cherished shots if not the most cherished shot of┬ámy life)

We’ll miss you!