HK Eats: Yardbird

Yardbird has been one of those places in Hong Kong that I’ve been meaning to try for the past year and a half. I finally got my chance last week when I was in HK for a quick bit. It was a night I had all to myself without someone telling me where to eat and I quickly took my chance. Mom was dragged along of course because I needed a second opinion.

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Maybe you can’t tell but the street is supposed to be on an incline. Also, hi Momma Bear! (Source: miccadj)

I figured mom would kill me if we walked because SoHo is way up so we took a cab and it was quite the ride! Our driver knew exactly where we were going and was quite entertaining. I will say that I don’t always take cabs but I’ve gotten lucky so far. We arrived just a little after opening and snagged one of the last two tables available. A line formed quickly soon after. No reservations are taken.

We ordered some dishes that caught our eye and left the rest to the kitchen. To say I was excited is an understatement. Yardbird’s dishes are mostly chicken based, hence the name, so chicken is what we had for sure!

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Down Aberdeen St we go! (Source: miccadj)

We started with a mutual choice, sweet corn tempura and damn that’s good. Sweet, crunchy, and not too much flour. This was perfect. I wanna say it was lightly salted but the corn retained it’s natural sweetness that makes this dish a best seller. Presentation is beautiful because it’s so round!

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Sweet corn tempura (Source: miccadj)

For lighter fare we were presented with a mushroom salad. This particular salad also included mizuna (Japanese mustard/ミズナ) and deep fried lotus root! If there’s one thing I like about non-boring salad greens (I’m looking at you, romaine lettuce), it’s that the greens themselves have such a unique flavor. Mizuna is one of them, arugula is another. This was very easy to consume and a good mix of crispiness, chewiness, and bite.

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Mushroom salad (Source: miccadj)

Mom was quite hesitant about the next dish as it was chicken tails (bonjiri /ぼんじり), not to be confused with chicken butts apparently. I overheard our server describe it to the next table over as a pocket full of fat and I don’t normally like fat but fat = flavor so you see my dilemma here. Our super cool server (sorry, I never got your name) actually got mom to try it. As you can see in the photo below, there’s a second skewer on my plate but the contents of that second skewer never reached my tum tums because Momma dJ took it back and ate the rest of her chicken tails! It ended up being her fave out of all the dishes :>

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Chicken tails (Source: miccadj)

I’m not sure which part the next one is but looking at the menu I’m gonna guess it’s inner thigh. Not as fatty as the chicken tail, I personally enjoyed this one more and the squeeze of lemon on top is definitely a plus. Lemon on anything is a plus!

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Yummy chicken (Source: miccadj)

Finally, the dish I’ve been craving to try! The famed chicken meatball (tsukune/つくね) that I keep seeing on Instagram! I feel bad for the crappy photo (I swear I’ll never get used to this phone) but I do like my meatball placement. The sauce was dark soy with a golden egg yolk. The richness of the egg yolk went really great with the meatball and I really wanted to order another one but we were pressed for time. A wonderful thing is that the meatball didn’t fall apart when I bit into it! Will definitely order this again! #MeatballMondays

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Chicken tsukene (Source: Instagram)

One final dish before we ended our meal, KFC. That’s Korean fried cauliflower for you! Now as much as possible I really try to avoid cauliflower cause it just doesn’t taste that great to me. I even jokingly call it inferior broccoli because it’s get too mushy sometimes. This KFC was a game changer. Our server told us that a squeeze of lime was necessary to really taste everything. I’m glad we listened to him because what I got was a sweet, sour, and slightly spicy flavor before the not mushy cauliflower. I can see why people really like this dish.

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Not your regular KFC (Source: miccadj)

I got a drink of course but a non-alcoholic one because we still had to go to Hong Kong Station and get a jetlagged Boy!Micca aka my older brother. I had the Shino which consisted of lemon juice, shiso leaves, and black sugar. Not too sweet and great for the hot weather.

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The Shino (Source: miccadj)

I’m so glad that I finally ticked Yardbird off my food bucket list! That doesn’t mean I won’t come back here though. In fact, I would like to come back and visit again as soon as possible! By the way, we walked all the way to Hong Kong Station (~20 mins walk) after our meal to digest and just take in the night.

33-35 Bridges St
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 2547 9273
Monday to Saturday 1800H – 0000H
Sunday Closed



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