MNL Eats/Drinks: Rambla

It’s in my honest opinion that Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati doesn’t have the greatest food options.

Sorry, not sorry.

However, in recent years, there are a few gems that have popped up just beyond the mall. Rambla happens to be one of them and I happen to have a weakness for small plates and tasting menus.


Open kitchen and bar! (Source: Zomato)

First dish I ordered was gambas on top of crispy chicken skin. Now traditional gambas are served on a sizzling plate with garlic and chilis but I’m glad for the chicken skin! A very different way of eating one of my favorite dishes. While it was yummy, I didn’t think that there as much garlic flavor as I would like there to be. Personal preference.

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Gambas on crispy chicken skin (Source: miccadj)

Next thing we ordered was the tuna tataki (たたき). I think this dish bordered more on Japanese cuisine but I don’t mind at all. The sauce had a thicker consistency close to BBQ sauce although a hint of citrus was definitely tasted. I can definitely finish one serving of this by myself.

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Tuna tataki (Source: miccadj)

My favorite dish has got to be the foie and wagyu sliders. How can you go wrong with foie gras and wagyu? Answer: You don’t. Unless you really fuck it up. And I think that it you mess up really nice ingredients, you shouldn’t get to play with them :<

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Foie and wagyu burgers – Good for two. Or one if you’re me :3 (Source: Instagram)

Anyway, these have evolved from the first time I had them a couple of years back. Instead of a burger bun for the slider, they used some kind of toast which was crunchier and less filling. The serving also change from a slightly bigger slider with potato wedges on the side to two smaller sliders so that you and someone else don’t have to split the burger. Or you can eat both of them like what I was thinking 😀

The flavor has not changed from before and the burger is cooked to perfection! It’s not too fatty which is good because let’s not forget about the foie! Just the richness and creaminess of the foie compliments the meatiness of the burger. And while the meat is pretty lean in my opinion, it’s still very tender. I don’t even really like burgers! (But I do like sandwiches) A+++

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Yumyum in my tumtum (Source: miccadj)

Finally we got the paella de cochinillo. Perfect for 2-3 people but probably better for 3 because you wanna try many different dishes, right? The rice itself was a little too salty but the cochinillo was king. Crispy sticky skin and soft, tender pork underneath. Loving the smaller than average paella serving. Can we just get cochinillo next time and cut calories? To those people who like crispy pork skin, please dine with me. I don’t really like it so I always just give it to someone else. HMU when you get suckling pig.

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Paella de cochinillo (Source: miccadj)

But what’s all this without churros? Not sure if it’s widely known but the proprietors of Rambla are behind the very popular Churreria La Lola that’s been popping all over the metro! Yuuummmm churros. These aren’t your Costco churros covered in cinnamon sugar (ermm no thanks), they follow the Spanish tradition of being dipped in chocolate (yummier than cinnamon). You also get a little bit of vanilla ice cream on the side and can dip it in that if that’s your thing. That sounds like it could be a Spanish version of a McFlurry but infinitely better. I’m happy even without the ice cream though.

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All aboard the ch-ch-ch-churro train! (Source: miccadj)

And of course I washed everything down with an Old Fashioned. What else did you think I was gonna get? I’m very on the fence about the addition of the brandied cherry cause it seemed really strong when I ate it? But it looks very striking and beautiful so there’s that.


Rambla’s Old Fashioned (Source: Instagram)

I think that the menu has been changed overtime but I’m glad my favorites are still around! It’s always great to dine with lots of other people so that everyone can try different things. One more thing I really like about Rambla is that their cocktail menu is very very extensive. Head bartender Michael Tubiera represented the Philippines in the 2016 Diageo World Class Bartender competition just a couple of weeks ago in Miami, FL. Rambla is a pretty great place to hang out during the day and even at night. Maybe we’ll see each other there next time!

G/F Joya Tower
Joya Drive, Rockwell
Makati, Metro Manila
+632 823 6468 or +63 926 690 9774
Monday to Thursday 1130H – 1500H; 1800H – 0100H
Thursday to Friday 1130H – 1500H; 1800H – 0200H
Sunday 1130H – 1500H; 1800H – 0100H



3 thoughts on “MNL Eats/Drinks: Rambla

  1. Monching Weller

    The churros look interesting, despite the fact that the owners also run La Lola. Rambla’s churros would be that male Spanish model wearing a suit – while La Lola’s would most likely appear as the same model wearing a button-down shirt jeans, and brogues. 😉

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