A Sudden Absence

Sorry for the delay in posts!



As some of you know, I’ve always been an iPhone user ever since I got my first smart phone (no one ever advertised any other smart phone to me, so sue me) so switching to a Samsung Galaxy S7 (or an Android I guess) was quite a change. For the most part I actually like the phone which is why I got it anyway, I just think I will take a long time to get used to it for many reasons:

(This is a rant. I’m so sorry for this.)


  • DIFFERENTLY SHAPED APPS (I don’t want to have to download some icon pack for this. It is very unaesthetically pleasing.)
  • On that note, a straight up messy looking UI
  • I cannot stand the proprietary apps even more than the Apple propriety apps (Except Apple Maps *shudder*)
  • How do I manage my music on my phone and laptop without having to download another app? Google Play doesn’t work in the Philippines. BOO. Do not Spotify me (I use it to search for new music but not for my current playlists.), I use iTunes because it has all my music files from 2003 before I even got an iPod and helps me organize more. It’s quite difficult to do this without a program/app that can be used on a Mac/Android phone
  • The battery drains fast and doesn’t charge fast either? Probably an isolated case but I was on Facebook video chat overnight one time and my battery was at 48%, when I woke up it was just at 68%. What gives? I use the same amount of apps (if not, less) than my old phone and turned off Flipboard updates
  • I cannot lock my notes one this Memo app (Another extra step: Having to find an app that locks notes!!)
  • I really dislike how those little icons appear on top if I don’t look at/clear a notification
  • How if I get a notification while I’m using the phone, it won’t disappear when I swipe up and will have to wait for it to go bye bye
  • I feel like I don’t hear my notifications when the phone is locked?
  • Chinese handwriting is not as straightforward to install (I got my phone in Hong Kong so it’s standard but I think it’s harder elsewhere)
  • Default voice command sucks (So hard to ask to make a call when I’m driving)

On to the good points!


  • More choices for free apps
  • More customizable (I know some people care about that but I really don’t)
  • Expandable memory/A second sim card slot for photos and music!
  • The camera is quite wonderful
  • Better widgets choices and display on screen especially the dual timezone clock!
  • HEADPHONE JACK (I like to Facetime and have an older car so I’m still thinking about a way around the headphone jack debacle that Apple got itself into. Courage? *snort*)
  • Waterproof! (I typed this on the Memo app during shower thinking time)
  • Samsung Smart Switch was easy enough to do especially for an impatient person like me
  • I like the vibrating keys when I type? It’s a reassurance that my fingers work and that I’m conducting heat?
  • One less cable to carry since almost everything else charges with a Micro USB cable
  • The hardware is so much more beautifully designed than its previous incarnations (I’m sorry but the Samsung Galaxy S5 just looked weird. That was an insult to the good software it carried.)

Momma dJ, a faithful Samsung user from the very start says that it’s because I don’t want to adjust to the Android phone. Well Momma, I’m not here to give myself a harder time than I already have +_____+ But thank you for helping me in trying to figure out what to do with this phone because you really do know best! For all things Samsung of course 😛

Apart from that, I know I’m whining about trivial things and good design is a big deal for me but don’t yuck my yum. That wouldn’t be nice and I can be very not nice. I’m supposed to give it two weeks or something but hey, I needed to get this off my chest.

*For reference I’ve used an iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4s, iPhone 6, and Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562 before.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Gonna eat my Star Wars mooncakes now to feel better >.> (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)



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