TPE TTD: 象山親山步道 Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail

Elephant Mountain (象山/xiangshan). I’ve seen it on Instagram very often recently and frankly, I wanted to catch a good view of Taipei too. Even if it meant hiking up a mountain in the middle of the city. Make sure the weather is nice and clear so all your hiking efforts won’t be for naught!

Xiangshan 5

The fork on the trail (Source:

Jess and I planned for the hike to Xiangshan to happen on our last day in Taipei hoping that the rain would’ve stopped by then. After leaving our bags at those convenient luggage lockers and buying our airport bus tickets in ahead of schedule, we made our way towards Xiangshan which was the last stop on the Tamsui-Xinyi line (red line/line 2) right after Taipei 101. Take Exit 2 and follow the signs for the trailhead which is 650m or about 20 mins away.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The trailhead is just to the left of this road which is also next to a temple (Source: miccadj)

Once you hike up the trail a little I suggest you TAKE THE LEFT FORK because the incline is much more gradual. We accidentally took the right one and struggled with the steepness. Once you get to the top, do take your time to enjoy the view of Taipei. You can also see Taipei 101 from afar instead of trying to see it from the ground!

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The view from the top (Source: miccadj)

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I had to prove I made it of course (Source: Instagram)

It’s amazing that there’s this place of nature in the middle of bustling Taipei! The views are definitely worth it!

Xiangshan 1

That cute old man totally passed us on our way down cause we were so tired (Source: Instagram)

Don’t forget to check the views on the way down too! Who knows what you might see? :]

象山親山步道 Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail
Xiangshan MRT Station Exit 2
Xinyi District, Taipei
Taiwan 110



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