DVO Eats: Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

One of the highlights of my first trip to Davao City was brunch at Sea Green. Well, brunch became lunch since we woke up late but I was still excited for a meal that doesn’t include any meat. Easy to do, easy to mess up but when done correct, it’s completely wonderful. (Hint: Sea Green is completely wonderful!)

Sea Green 10

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop (Source: miccadj)

We started with a vegetable and kani (crabstick) roll with peanut sauce. It’s got that sweet and sour taste and without the dressing, it’s actually a very refreshing dish. Could totes eat one or two servings just by myself.

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Colorful rolls! (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

Next, some rabbit food so we can be healthy, fried quesong puti (Philippine water buffalo’s cheese) salad with dalandan (Philippine orange) vinaigrette! Along with a bed (kinda on the side :P) of lettuce were chunks of tomatoes and dalandan. Best part was the fried quesong puti on top of everything! Kinda looked like tater tots but tasted even better! My tummy cooperated this time!

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Can I just have the fried quesong puti? 😛 (Source: miccadj)

One of our mains was eggplant parmesan I don’t normally like eggplant but I do like it when it’s deep fried and slathered with yummy tomato sauce! Frying it may not be the healthiest option but it will get me to eat it. Goes well with toast, rice, or on its own.

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Eggplant parm (Source: miccadj)

Another main was the lemon garlic shrimps with black rice. Bright, refreshing, and zingy, I am so glad these shrimps were peeled with just the tail left behind. I don’t think the oil really stuck to the shrimps and the lemon flavor gave a delicious smell and taste to an ingredient that can often be slimy.

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Jumbo shrimps would be an oxymoron (Source: miccadj)

Now my favorite dish would have to be the fish salpicao (garlic/olive oil/soy stir-fry). Now fish is just so ambiguous but I wanna say that they used tuna? I love anything with garlic and it’s something so simple that brings out the taste of the fish. Definitely goes well with the brown rice or the black rice from the lemon garlic shrimp! This dish. I like it. ANOTHER!

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Coming back for this!! (Source: miccadj)

We ended our meal sharing a slice of tablea (chocolate tablets) cheesecake topped with chunks of mangoes. I expected the tablea to be very rich (as traditional Filipino tsokolate is like that) but it was not so. Yay! And you really cannot go wrong with the combination of mangoes and chocolate. Classic.

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Have a cuppa with that (Source: miccadj)

Sea Green also sells artisanal items like fun shaped chopping boards, homemade tuyo (dried fish), and stationary among other things. They are also pet friendly so we brought Whiskey, the pom along with us! Little Lion Man was very happy to be out of the house :]

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Hello, Whiskey! (Source: Jen G)

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Why you no look at camera? (Source: Jen G)

For a restaurant that doesn’t serve meat, this place is pretty bomb! -Your friendly neighborhood carnivore

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Color theme: sea green of course (Source: miccadj)

Great place to relax especially during the weekend! Definitely coming back when I’m in town again!

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Brunch/lunch group! (Source: Jen G)

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop
Circumferential Rd (bet. Mercury Drug and Bio Essence)
Doña Vicenta Subdivision, Davao City
Mindanao, Philippines
+63 82 305 4765
Monday to Saturday 0800H – 2200H
Sunday 0800H – 2100H



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