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MNL Eats: Bad Bird

Everyone was raving about this place online! So I went and dragged Jess F who had visited me from the US to try the coveted umami fried chicken that cannot be ordered to go. My friend and I ordered 2 pieces of chicken with a spice level of chemical, sweet potato waffles with miso butter, and a couple of hush puppies. Honestly, it sounds like something only hipsters could come up with but it was worth a shot.

Bad Bird 2

This was before all the lines (Source: Our Awesome Planet)

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Why take regular collagen when you can have MAN collagen?

(Source: miccadj)

I mean I didn’t look at the back and all but the front looks identical aside from the black sticker and emphasis on “MENS”. Same price too.



TPE TTD: 象山親山步道 Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail

Elephant Mountain (象山/xiangshan). I’ve seen it on Instagram very often recently and frankly, I wanted to catch a good view of Taipei too. Even if it meant hiking up a mountain in the middle of the city. Make sure the weather is nice and clear so all your hiking efforts won’t be for naught!

Xiangshan 5

The fork on the trail (Source:

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DVO Eats: Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

One of the highlights of my first trip to Davao City was brunch at Sea Green. Well, brunch became lunch since we woke up late but I was still excited for a meal that doesn’t include any meat. Easy to do, easy to mess up but when done correct, it’s completely wonderful. (Hint: Sea Green is completely wonderful!)

Sea Green 10

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop (Source: miccadj)

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TPE Eats: 永康牛肉麺館 Yong Kang Beef Noodles

Rainy days like these remind me of my childhood and being a burrito in bed because classes got cancelled (I have work now so that doesn’t get cancelled as often as classes do). My ultimate comfort food during rainy days are a packet of instant noodles and hot tea. Sometimes though, I really have to go for the fresh noodles especially if they’re right in front of me. Preservatives are bad for you, kids!

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

You can pretty much guess what I got! (Source: miccadj)

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