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Osaka Eats: 喜川 • キガワ Kigawa

And once again I had found myself in Osaka, the nation’s kitchen and a city that I’m very fond of. Since it’s the first time my parents and I traveled to Japan together, I was looking for a special place/meal to cap off our trip. In my mind, Osaka has always kept a high standard for food which I do appreciate.

One of its institutions is Kigawa, a restaurant specializing in kappo (割烹) cuisine caught my attention while doing research since I like that whole “leave it to the chef” style of ordering. What I understand of kappo cuisine is that they harness the freshest seasonal ingredients when preparing a menu and the diners gets to watch the chef work everything in front of them. Open kitchens and tasting menus are always an A+ in my book.

Kigawa Gurunavi

Through the blue curtains (Source: gurunavi)

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