MNL TTD: Green Day’s American Idiot Manila 2016

When I heard that American Idiot was gonna be showing in Manila, I immediately jumped at the chance to catch the show. I will always regret hesitating to watch the show when it first opened at the Berkeley Rep back in 2009. That was a 15 minute walk from my old apartment! Still kicking myself for that after all these years.

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I love legit tickets! (Source: Jen G)

I have only ever heard Green Day’s American Idiot album (on many many repeats) and never actually bothered to listen to the Broadway recording. Oops. If you don’t know the background of the album or the show, it can be very confusing to follow the plot. They have 3 different stories branching off at the same time. Good thing I love spoilers and checked the synopsis beforehand. I prefer that to being confused during the whole show. I was still semi confused though so yea.

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The people in front of us were really tall and the floor was not on an incline (Source: miccadj)

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Picked M21 because M is for Micca and M is for Matakaw! Also, aisle seat! (Source: miccadj)

“Jesus of Suburbia/City of the Damned/I Don’t Care/Dearly Beloved/Tales of Another Broken Home” has gradually become my favorite Green Day song over the years because I think it’s the most epic 9 minute song I’ve ever heard. Not counting some version of Canon in D Major of course. I was a little disappointed in the performance because it wasn’t as fluid as I expected it to be. Still liked the song though! “Favorite Son” became a new favorite and it was the first time I heard it! Of course, “When It’s Time” is heartwarming and a great way to describe a loving relationship.

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End of the show (Source: Instagram)

Overall, I liked the music because c’mon, it’s Green Day. What’s not to like? I also really appreciated the vocal quality of the actors because apparently most of the main characters are actual rock stars! Now that’s pretty cool. If I had to pick my faves they would have to be Ariel Reonal who played Favorite Son (that charisma!) and Sarah Facuri because girl can sing! #goals The acting was a little ho hum but again, mostly rock stars not actors and we watched the 3rd show so I’m sure it’ll get better towards the end.

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Jason Fernandez as Johnny, Basti Artadi as St Jimmy, Miggy Chavez as Will, and Nelsito Gomez as Tunny. Why is there an awkward trashcan? (Source: miccadj)

However, I did not like the omission of curse words from the original lyrics (I believe it adds emphasis and oomph) and the retention of the words “faggot and “fag” in “American Idiot” and “Holiday” respectively (Both of which are very politically charged songs). If you’re gonna take something that something that only some people will think is offensive out then take all supposedly offensive things out. Otherwise, I think that the integrity of the original music should be kept. But maybe that’s what Billie Joe Armstrong wanted to do when they came up with the idea for the show.

American Idiot Irene C Perez PDI

Full cast! A very talented group here! (Source: Irene C Perez Philippine Daily Inquirer)

It’s not too late to catch Green Day’s American Idiot because it’ll be running for another 2 weekends on July 1-3 and July 8-10 and tickets are still available! Careful if it rains as the venue is outdoors and even if there’s a tent, it can get muddy.

“And in the darkest night
If my memory serves me right
I’ll never turn back time
Forgetting you, but not the time.”

Green Day’s American Idiot Manila
Globe Iconic Store Bonifacio High Street
7th Ave bet. Lane O and Lane P, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila
Green Day’s American Idiot Manila Tickets



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