MNL Eats: Beni’s Falafel

I always thought that good falafels were hard to find in the Philippines. That is until I heard about Beni’s Falafel. I wish it was walkable from where I live but alas, it’s quite far. Worth the drive though!

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Momma dJ! (Source: Instagram)

A small-ish eatery, Beni’s Falafel is located on one side of A Venue Mall. I’ve briefly heard of Beni’s before but didn’t really give it any thought because I had never really craved falafels. Cathy C and I decided to check it out one night before a fundraising event that was happening nearby.

Beni's The Hungry Employee Zomato

Beni’s (Source: The Hungry Employee Zomato)

Cathy and both went for their best seller, the Beni’s falafel in pita bread. Stuffed with shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, and scrumptious falafel, this thing was basically a vegetarian sandwich. A delicious one at that. We were given some spicy sauce and yogurt sauce but I enjoyed mine without the dressing. It was tasty enough without it.

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Falafel’s hiding in plain sight (Source: miccadj)

On a second visit with Momma dJ, she ended up getting the Beni’s falafel in pita bread with the reasoning that it was the best seller. Smart woman. I also told her it was delicious so there’s that. I ended up the chicken schnitzel in pita bread. It happily reminded me of Germany even though I’m sure there are differences in the way the dish is prepared. The chicken schnitzel was perfectly fried and stuffed with a lot of tomatoes tossed in olive oil, parsley, and black pepper. I was tempted to get one to go but my mom was watching me. Hmmm…

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YAAASSS SCHNITZEL (Source: miccadj)

The best part is that this place is open 24/7! The servers told me that they only close for a day or two in October (I’m gonna guess Israeli New Year?). Dibs on the chicken schnitzel!

Beni’s Falafel
G/F A Venue Mall
7829 Makati Ave, Poblacion
Makati, Metro Manila
+63 906 349 1300
Monday to Sunday 0000H – 0000H

PS. This is apparently my 100th post on Micca Matakaw! Whee! Glad I made it to that milestone!



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