SF Eats: Udon Mugizo

Jess C and had been talking about uni (sea urchin) cream udon (うどん) since November last year and we’ve finally made the trip happen. We met up at SF Japantown with me running a bit late but getting to the restaurant just after the lunch rush was awesome. We got a table immediately!

Uni Udon 5 (Ann S Yelp)

Udon Mugizooooo! I believe this used to be Fuku Sushi where they had John Lennon’s, Yoko Ono’s, and Keanu Reeves’s signatures framed. (Source: Ann S Yelp)

To be honest, we skimmed the menu just to make sure we got the correct thing. We were both dead set on getting uni cream udon, high cholesterol be damned. Just kidding, healthy eating exercise needed to ensue after. So after ordering, we both waited very very patiently.

Uni Udon 1

Both of us love uni, what can I say? (Source: miccadj)

Very very patiently.

And then it arrived! Two smoky bowls of uni cream udon complete with a giant ladle. At first I was wondering “There’s only one visible piece of uni?” Then Jess told me that she already had this dish before and all the precious uni was hiding below the udon. In addition to the uni, there was a scoop of ikura (salmon roe) resting elegantly on a shiso leaf just on top of the udon.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here it is!! (Source: miccadj)

The star of the show was really the uni. These weren’t the frozen pieces you get at some supermarkets and each one had a rich golden color. Very soft and juicy uhh yum! So I basically went through my udon this way: Eat all the noodles with the cream sauce, take on the ikura with the shiso, and finally fish around for the uni.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

DIOS MIO (Source: miccadj)

This bowl of udon was really something different. I’ve never really been to a restaurant specializing in udon and most of what I know involves nabeyaki (鍋焼きうどん) udon or tempura (天ぷら) udon. While I’m sad that Fuku Sushi has closed, I’m glad that it’s been replaced with something as interesting and delicious to fill its shoes.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

NEVER FORGET (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

Udon Mugizo
1581 Webster St Suite 217
San Francisco CA 94115
+1 415 931 3118
Monday to Friday 1130H – 1400H; 1730H – 2130H
Saturday to Sunday 1130H – 1500H; 1700H – 2100H




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