MNL Eats: Locavore

After a grueling session of pottery (because I’m bad at it), Cathy C and I decided to brave the long-ish drive from Antipolo to Kapitolyo because I’ve only ever been there once. Way before it became a giant foodie scene. We arrived at Locavore in one piece considering the way people drive here and were eager for a sumptuous lunch because we were very very hungry. 3pm is a good and random time to go there because there’s ample parking and not too may people!

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Locavore art (Source: miccadj)

You can choose to sit either inside or outside but we picked air conditioning and TV over a nice sunny day. Go figure. The menu featured many traditional and twists on Filipino food that it was hard to be decisive on what to get. We eventually opted for seafood and veggie based dishes because Cathy is a pescetarian and I’m trying to lessen my meat intake anyway. This agreement works out very well for us!

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Locavore is known for their Mac’s boneless chicken but this one’s got bones (Source: Instagram)

We started with the kinilaw (Pinoy style ceviche) platter where we could pick 3 different types out of five that are offered. We ended up picking the fresh river shrimp, Kalibo oyster, and tanigue (Spanish mackerel). The other two were tuna and lapu-lapu (grouper). Ironically, the platter came in 3 cute little mason jars instead of, well, in some platters. The oyster and tanigue were pretty normal. Not as sour as I remembered kinilaw to be. The marinade was probably too light and too oily for my taste. The river shrimp was the best out of all of them in my opinion. It had a sweeter taste from the shrimp itself and the patis (fish sauce) based marinade gave it more depth. Getting just the shrimp next time.

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How hipster (Source: miccadj)

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Kalibo oyster (Source: miccadj)

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Tanigue (Source: miccadj)

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Fresh river shrimp (Source: miccadj)

I do not understand why the sugpo con mayonesa (lit. prawns in mayonnaise) was a bestseller. This dish could’ve given me a heart attack. It was waaayyyy too sweet and way too oily. You could also see the Japanese mayonnaise curdling at the bottom of the dish. Ick. What the hell are people on?

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Sugpo con mayonesa (Source: miccadj)

The gising gising (green beans with pork in coconut milk/lit. wake up wake up) was a bit watery but the flavor is there. The beans were not very bite sized so I found it harder to eat in one bite. I’m lazy, sue me. This dish was also on the sweet side though. Sigh.

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Gising gising! (Source: miccadj)

If I had to pick a dish I liked, it would’ve been the fried oyster sisig. I’m a big fan of oysters so have some gravy and peppers on them can be a big plus. I liked that they fried the oysters before adding the gravy. The better to catch the gravy with.    

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Sisig in general is my fave! (Source: miccadj)

Overall, everything was a little sweet for my taste (I believe Cathy agreed with me on this) and I’m not sure I can handle that on a regular basis. Lots of water was needed to dilute the sweetness :< The ambiance though was very relaxed and casual, something that I appreciated. A great place to chill out after work if it’s not too noisy and if you work nearby.

10 Brixton St, Kapitolyo
Pasig, Metro Manila
+632 632 9600 or +63 915 579 5250
Monday to Sunday 1130H – 0100H
Happy Hour: Monday to Sunday 1700H – 2100H



4 thoughts on “MNL Eats: Locavore

  1. aa

    I agree! It was a little too flavorful for me. Rice requiring. That’s how I’d describe the taste. Rice to dilute the flavor.



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