Vegas Eats: Lawry’s The Prime Rib

As I have mentioned many times, I have a very obvious affinity for steak and prime rib. I think Lawry’s is really on any steak lover’s life long bucket list. The original Lawry’s store opened on La Cienaga Blvd in Beverly Hills, CA in 1938. Many years later, outlets in other cities and countries opened to accommodate the restaurant’s popularity allowing people from all over the world to taste history.

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It was difficult to pass up on this meal especially when I had the chance (Source: miccadj)

While I didn’t dine at the original establishment, I was able to go to the Las Vegas outlet while I was there for work and it was quite near the hotel I was staying at. The outside looked like a very plain building but once inside, it’s like being transported back to what I imagine Beverly Hills in the 50’s would look like. Art Deco design lined the whole place and an almost empty restaurant (I went after the lunch rush) made it easy to admire everything from where I was sitting.

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Art Deco interior (Source: miccadj)

I started with a prawn cocktail served in a cute silver pot. There were two lemon wedges, no frou frou shredded lettuce, and a very generous amount of cocktail sauce. The prawns were huge and I tried not to eat too fast (because bad habits die hard) so I could savor my appetizer. It was easy to not have to share this.

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Prawn cocktail starter (Source: miccadj)

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Giant prawns (Source: miccadj)

I then got a soup of the day which happened to be cream of mushroom, my favorite! There wasn’t even a toss up between soup or salad because soup trumps salad any day. I enjoyed the chunky mushrooms that dotted the soup and it had a thicker consistency that I like in my cream of mushroom. Cream of mushroom can be the soup of the say every single day! Also would not share.

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Classic Micca comfort food (Source: miccadj)

Waiting for my “carved at the table” prime rib, I checked out the condiments presented to me. Lawry’s seasonsed salt, Lawry’s seasoned pepper, a dollop of cream (or is it mustard?), and some horseradish. Spoiler Alert: The only thing I touched was a little bit of the horseradish and that was just for posterity’s sake. Like two bites and I’m good without it. Then Manuel, the chef came around and was ready to present the gloriousness to me. I was very excited.

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These more or less went untouched (Source: miccadj)

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Manuel with the treasure! (Source: miccadj)

I had gotten the Lawry’s Cut, the traditional and most popular cut which was 10oz (bowing to peer pressure even when I dine alone heh) because I was reassuring myself that I could eat the leftovers if I didn’t finish it all. I mean, how many times will I get to experience this? Reasoning aside, I had it cooked medium (how else are you supposed to cook your meat?) with a side of creamed corn, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and a Yorkshire pudding to top it off. Normally, they only allow 2 toppings but since most people can’t decide between the 3, my server, Ms Omura told me I could get a little bit of each to try everything. Nice!

Lawry's 10

I’ve died and gone to prime rib heaven (Source: Instagram)

DAMN, THAT PRIME RIB WAS GOOD. Perfectly roasted, the meat was very tender and juicy. I tried to dip a bit of it in the mashed potato gravy but decided that it was better on it’s own. Even yummy when it’s kinda cold! My room didn’t have a microwave but it worked out!

This experience is to say I treated myself out to a nice lunch but I also ended up eating my leftovers for dinner. I wanna say that was fairly economical. Now I want to either go to the original Lawry’s or hit up the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco again! You know, for market research 😛

Lawry’s The Prime Rib
4043 Howard Hughes Pkwy
Las Vegas NV 89169
+1 702 893 2223
Monday to Friday 1130H – 1400H; 1700H – 2200H
Saturday 1700H – 2200H
Sunday 1600H – 2100H



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