MNL TTD: Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery

Within a week, Cathy C and I had agreed to do a pottery class and signed up to go to Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery on a slow Saturday. We hoped that traffic wasn’t so bad because it was already the weekend before Holy Week. We weren’t wrong but we weren’t right either >.>;; So I prepped for the early drive by accidentally sleeping late, not having breakfast, and making sure that my driving playlist was ready. We were good to go and a 14km drive should really not have to take 1.5 hours. #publicinfrastructurewoes We also got lost because it was really my first time going to Antipolo and yea…

Crescent Moon Cafe 10

Google Maps along with Waze gets confused and gets people lost! The studio is located approximately where the mustache is! (Source: miccadj)

Coming about 10 minutes late, someone suddenly started saying “It’s Pinsan!” (cousin) and I was very confused because it didn’t immediately register in my mind. I thought someone thought I was Korean again and was speaking Korean. Oops. Turns it out one my high school friend’s parents and sisters were randomly in the same workshop on the same day and everyone used to think my friend and I were cousins. Hence the nickname.

Anyway, I think we had only missed the intros so we caught up easily with how we were supposed to manipulate the clay into whatever shape we wanted. Tita Lanelle Abueva-Fernando herself was our instructor and was very patient with us noobs. She gave us all sorts of ideas with what we could create and made sure we went through the motions of pottery properly. We could do whatever we wanted with the 2 lbs of clay that we were given. Oh, the possibilities!

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Tita Lanelle showing us the basics (Source: miccadj)

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2 lbs of clay is a lot to start with! (Source: miccadj)

We didn’t get to use a potter’s wheel which was the idea that excited me (I mean can we recreate Ghost please?) but it was still a lot of fun! I had a hard time thinking of what to create so I went for chopstick holders, a teacup, a shark (don’t ask), and an eyeglass valet. It couldn’t be that difficult, right?


I was looking at everyone else and they were doing a really great job and there I was with my lumpy clay. I really tried and I hope it comes out nice and that I can use the stuff I created!

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So much more diligent than I am! (Source: miccadj)

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I started good I think. A fat shark for funsies and that was all the unique creativity I had. (Source: miccadj)

Seeing as Cathy was being super diligent and I had just finished a cup of coffee in a cute little mug, I decided to make a coffee mug without the handles. Last ditch effort to make something nice-ish.

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Had coffee in this baby and was inspired (Source: miccadj)

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I’m sure it’ll turn out the same after going in the oven and getting painted! (Source: miccadj)

Crescent Moon Cafe 11

Womp womp (Source: Instagram)


Overall, I was happy with my wares and they told us to come back in 2-3 weeks to pick them up. The studio would glaze and paint our finished products to our specifications. I can’t wait for my lumpy coffee mug!

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Looking forward to picking up my wares in a few weeks! (Source: miccadj)

Coming back next time with a list of stuff to make so that I won’t make random things like a shark! There is also an actual restaurant but we headed elsewhere for a late lunch 😮

Edited to add: Upcoming event at Crescent Moon Cafe!

I Made It

(Source: Crescent Moon Cafe Facebook)

“Take three classes and partake of our lunch buffet for P1800.00. registration is required before April 8” More info at  “I Made It!” A Hands-on Weekend at Crescent Moon Cafe.

Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery
Sapang Buho Rd (bet. St Gabriel and St Andrew), Dalig
Upper Antipolo, Rizal
CALABARZON Region, Philippines
+632 234 5724
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Sunday 0900H – 1600H
Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery Facebook



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