MNL Eats: Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

Aside from the flowers, the reverse offspring totally disregarded Valentine’s Day and we treated it like another normal Sunday where we just go about our own business. We (yes, yes, I am THE ever increasingly odd numbered wheel) were wary of eating out because of the crowds so lunch was a simple meal at home. Dinner wasn’t too different, my dad opting to stay home and have fruit while mom and I ventured to Crying Tiger Street Kitchen in Poblacion.

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Finally got a photo of the wall art without girlthang over there giving me the evil eye. Don’t worry, I would actually let you know if I was taking a photo of you. (Source: Instagram)

Crying Tiger is located in what was probably a former residence. The street is pretty tight and I parked right in front of their driveway which has also become part of the dining area. The whole place is al fresco with lots of ventilation from ceiling fans and a cool breeze that was very welcome since I didn’t expect there wouldn’t be any air conditioning. Mom and I sat on a table next to the sidewalk and pretended we were tourists until we accidentally let it slip that we weren’t (Momma dJ can still pass though because it’s her). Oops.

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The tiger is crying because it’s humid even at night (Source: miccadj)

Not being sure what to order, we just asked out server what the bestsellers were and came up with enough for Momma dJ and I. We started with a plate of mee goreng (spicy seafood noodles) and as hungry as we were, we just dove into it. They are not kidding when they say it’s spicy! Whatever they put in there really packs a wallop! A mix of shrimps, squid rings, and fish balls along with some vegetables make this dish very very easy to consume. If you’re scared of spice that is.

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Very spicy mee goreng (Source: miccadj)

For veggies we got a plate of pak book fai deng (morning glory/kangkong with garlic) because mom loves her veggies and I have just been brought up to like them. I just tolerate the veggies but they’re not so bad. While a bit too oily for my taste, I actually enjoyed these vegetables. Very simple and tasty, I’d rather have something sautéed in garlic than something with overly complicated flavors. This was something worth coming back for. With a little less oil of course.

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Kangkong! (Source: miccadj)

Momma dJ and I had zeroed in on the char siu (roast pork) platter before anything else because it was close to the top of the menu. Mom really likes char siu (and judging it) and I just like eating everything. I’ve never had Thai char siu before and I was very very curious to compare it to Hong Kong char siu. My initial reaction was that there was a punch of smoke as I put it in my mouth. Not cigarette smoke but more like bbq smoke which I quite liked. The pork was tender but fatty and I noticed that there was an after taste. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly but I thought it tasted like beer? Or some kind of cooked off alcohol. It took some getting used to the aftertaste but I ended up liking it.

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Char siu plate (Source: miccadj)

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Up close and personal (Source: miccadj)

I also got an additional order of sai ua (Nothern Thai sausage) because what’s that? Curiousity got the better of me and as I tried it, it was very strange. I’m probably not cultured enough but it tasted fishy and almost like Indian food? I was very confused and I don’t think I really liked it as much as I expected to. I tried another slice with a clove of garlic and that tasted a little better but it was still too strong for my taste. Maybe next time ><;;

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Sai ua with a lot of garlic (Source: miccadj)

People were walking by while we were eating, stray cats were everywhere, and we were just half a block away from the busy thoroughfare of Makati Ave but it was like a completely world. I enjoyed the simplicity of it all and how the juxtaposition of uncomplicated Thai street food so close yet so far away from the hustle, bustle, honking, and bright lights. I would definitely come back to this place more prepared (stomach and parking) and with more people to share the enjoyment of a meal and atmosphere I long for in Manila. 

Crying Tiger Street Kitchen
4986 P. Guanzon St, Poblacion
Makati, Metro Manila
+632 894 1769
Sunday to Thursday 1500H – 0100H
Friday to Saturday 1500H – 0300H



2 thoughts on “MNL Eats: Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

  1. Luna

    I think what you’re getting with the charsiu is fermented bean curd (fuyu), which is why it has that alcohol-y aftertaste. Some recipes use that 😀



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