MNL TTD/Eats/Drinks: Brewfest MNL

Pat P told us about Brewfest making a comeback during our last meal together so we decided to check it out. Brewfest aims to promote the growing local craft beer and food scene. Microbreweries have been getting more popular and I can’t really think of any other event that would appropriately have them all under one roof. Pat was also going to be there all 3 days because he’s working on Meathead MNL, a specialty meat supplier focusing on steaks and sausages! What else could go better with an ice cold beer?

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B-b-b-brewfest! (Source: miccadj)

Making the drive to Pasay was a bit tedious because of weekend traffic but there was ample parking since Cathy C and I arrived around 430pm. We’ll call it happy hour. The venue itself was smaller than I expected but that just made everything easier to check out. We also took a bit of photos of the beer bottle wall!

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Early birds by 5 minutes (Source: miccadj)

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But first… (Source: Instagram)

We had to buy tickets in order to purchase some of the food/beer but the exchange rate was 1:1. They basically looked like a more beautiful and more hipster form of currency.

Brewfest 12

Hipster tickets and my face (Source: @xyndavino Instagram)

There were so many different breweries to choose from but I went straight for Nipa Brew. Mainly because I was standing next to it. The guys at Nipa Brew were really nice and turns out Kat T knows one of them! Stay popular, Kat 😛 They let us taste almost every single beer and we ended up with 2 bottles of India Brown Ale, 1 bottle of Midnight Blur Porter, and 1 bottle of Hazelnut Amber Ale (I forget but hazelnut). Since we got 4 bottles, we also got a free Nipa Brew bottle opener! I really liked the India Brown Ale which I expected to taste close to an IPA but nope. Much less bitter!

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Nipa Brew in the house! (Source: miccadj)

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Had to include Juan Brew’s cute logo (Source: miccadj)

We decided to split a bacon cone from Mister Delicious. It was literally a cone full of bacon. This development made me quite happy. Although it would’ve been amazing if it was a bacon weave cone. Filled with whiskey or something. How very Epic Meal Time. But bacon is love and I’m so sorry but it’s a reason I can’t fully be vegetarian.

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Gen and the bacon cone! (Source: miccadj)

Then we finally decided to buy food from Pat (whom we lovingly call DJ Kelvinator :>) at Meathead MNL because we wanted to save the best for last :3

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Pat working hard and reppin’ the Giants at the same time. Go Pat! (Source: miccadj)

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Our haul from Meathead MNL (Source: miccadj)

All in all we got a veal bratwurst (my personal fave), a Hungarian, a Schublig, a Frankfurter, a side of Mexican corn, and grilled tomato with cheese. I didn’t take the sides because both had cheese but the sausages were legit! Move over Sänti’s Deli! Just kidding, I still love you and your picnic bacon! At home I would usually just boil German sausages I get from the deli but grilling them gave a smoky aroma with every bite.

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True happiness courtesy of Kat (Source: miccadj)

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Gen taking on the Mexican corn (Source: miccadj)

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We are fans! Also, such filter because my face is so red… (Source: miccadj)

In the end, I just had that one beer from Nipa Brew because I had to drive back and meet up with an old group of friends. I was also very full and as much as I wanted to try Bao MNL it did not happen. I will find them again next time! Also, I’m going to take an Uber to my next faraway drinking destination. #designateddriverforlife

Brewfest MNL
World Trade Center Patio Area
Diosdado Macapagal Blvd cor. Buendia Ave Ext
Pasay, Metro Manila
19 – 21 February 2016
1500H – 0000H

Meathead MNL
Instagram: @meatheadmnl
+63 905 478 8952



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