MNL Eats: The Wholesome Table

Dad and I snuck away to The Fort aka Bonifacio Global City (BGC) for lunch while mom was out of town. In truth we just wanted to try something new so I suggested The Wholesome Table. I’ve noticed The Wholesome Table blossom into a very popular restaurant and fun hang out place especially from what I see on social media. Now was the time to try it out and place a verdict.

The Wholesome Table 7

The Wholesome Table (Source:

The Wholesome Table focuses on “farm to table” ingredients in an attempt to get us to have a better appreciation for local organic food. I personally find it uplifting that restaurants in Manila have started supporting local farmers (including fishermen and people tending livestock) because we Filipinos really have this culture of loving everything that’s foreign but disliking what we already have. Thankfully, that’s beginning to change.

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Juice bar for the win! (Source: miccadj)

I’ve never in my life had a Scotch egg but I’ve always wanted to try one. A traditional Scotch egg usually consists of a shelled (read: no more shell and I’m still debating with my other grammatical half which word is correct because I look at my bag of pistachios) hardboiled egg wrapped and cooked in sausage meat. So it is to my amusement and wonder that The Wholesome Table had a soft boiled duck egg wrapped in turkey sausage. How do you not overcook that? Black magic… It sat on a bed of kale which I think is another overpriced superfood and a little bitter on its own. As we crack the egg open, surprise! Runny soft boiled egg goodness! I think the lighter flavored turkey went well with the richer duck egg and the runny yolk was great with kale. Something to order again!

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Turkey Scotch egg (Source: miccadj)

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Runny yolk = extra yum! (Source: Instagram)

Next we had some baked baby clams with a spicy tomato sauce. We definitely squeezed the lemon on top to cut a bit of the grease. Unless the clams are not fresh, it’s really hard to go wrong with them. The sauce doesn’t seem that spicy until the aftertaste hits and there you go. It’s best to save the bread to sop up the remaining sauce after you’ve emptied the clams.

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Oven baked clams (Source: miccadj)

Finally, we got an order of The Wholesome Sliders. Essentially a sampler platter of their sandwiches listed on the menu, this included a beef burger, a veggie burger, a pulled turkey sandwich, a chunky pork sandwich, and a side of fries. The beef burger was A+ especially with arugula which I thoroughly enjoy. It was so good that I forgot to split it with my dad. Sorry, dad! The pulled turkey had a little spicy zing and was a really good way to flavor what people think is a bland and boring piece of meat. I almost mistook it for the pork which I figured out came in chunks with a little fat for flavor. The caramelized onions were sweet, the pork was decently salty, and arugula really makes everything better.

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Wholseome sliders (Source: miccadj)

Then there was the veggie burger. I was just really apprehensive because it’s really hard to find a good one and I have been spoiled by living in California and having high standards for vegetarian food. While the ingredients listed were all food that I love (mushrooms, zucchinis, and quinoa), I’ll honestly say it was a pretty disappointing sandwich. I found the patty quite bland even with the caramelized onions and the patty fell apart quite easily. Pops didn’t like it so much either so we’ll know what to skip next time. Do you think we can ask for two beef burgers instead? :3

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That veggie burger though… >< (Source: miccadj)

When I was younger, most restaurants that served organic food were way outside the city. You’d have to travel perhaps an hour or two to get there and with the current worsening traffic situation, it’s not always feasible or even comfortable to make the drive out. Having this restaurant (and many others that are popping up!) with different branches definitely helps sudden cravings.

The Wholesome Table
Upper Ground, Bonifacio High Street
7th Ave cor. Lane P, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila
+632 867 0000 or + 632 621 4111
Monday to Sunday 1100H – 2300H



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