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MNL Eats: Yokohama Meat Kitchen

Warning: This post contains photos of raw meat which could look yuckles to you.

I recently reconnected with childhood family friends after a beach trip last month. Micca, at the beach? Unheard of! And it will remain that way 😛 There were 16 of us on that trip and the 4 “kids” always got segregated off to a kids table so we got pretty close, started a chat group, and have been meaning to meet up for dinner and/or drinks. We finally figured out our schedules and 3 weeks after the beach we found ourselves at the carnivore heaven, Yokohama Meat Kitchen.   

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Kat T and Gen T! (Source: miccadj)

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Pat P and I! (Source: miccadj)

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Please Drive Safely!

I was making my way to work to fulfill my actual desk job and this happened while I was waiting to turn at the light. I was intently watching the gray car speed up towards the intersection and thinking how dangerous this was because why are you even on the opposite lane? Didn’t seem like an emergency since no blinkers were on and BOOM this truck just swoops out from the gas station to the left of this photo. Probably can’t tell from this photo but they crashed into each other.


Pretty sure you’re not supposed to counterflow. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to cross a double yellow like that. (Source: Instagram)

From across the intersection it didn’t seem like anyone was hurt because both drivers got out of their cars immediately. Please drive safer and more responsibly.



Home Eats: 醉雞 Drunken Chicken

Warning: This post contains photos of raw meat which could look yuckles to you.

When I was 14 (which was a long time ago ugh my youth) I discovered the wonder that was Shanghainese cuisine which quickly became one of my go-to cuisines when I couldn’t decide what to eat. The style of Chinese food that I had growing up was always Cantonese courtesy of my mom being from Hong Kong so some different dishes were very welcome to my palate. Overtime, I’ve learned to discern the very obvious differences between Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine and while they are totally different from each other, I still really enjoy both of them. 

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Definitely chicken (Source: miccadj)

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Travels: Taipei, Taiwan

Jess F was heading to Shanghai and we decided to meet up in Taipei which was where her layover was going to be. It was my second time in Taipei but my first without someone who was familiar with the city to show me around. I could only imagine how my Mandarin would sound since I don’t practice it that often. (Spoiler Alert: My Mandarin was terrible as usual and Jess pretty much did all the talking ><;;)

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TPE Terminal 1 arrival hall (Source: Instagram)

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