New Year’s Resolutions: 2016

Got a blood test and found out I have high uric acid and borderline high cholesterol. I’m not even surprised anymore heh. So one of my resolutions is to eat more green leafy stuff and less yummy red meat. And start working out for real I guess. Rawr.

My conversation with the lab tech taking my blood:

Lab Technician: Please put your arm here and form a fist.
Me: Can I just go browse Facebook or something and face the other way while you do this because I just really don’t like blood and needles?
LT: Yea sure!
M: *psyching myself out while browsing away and judging your photo composition on Instagram*
LT: Oops.
M: What.
LT: Sorry.
M: What.
LT: We have to redo it using a smaller needle ><
M: +__________+

Buzzfeed Comics Me As A Giraffe

Eating those veggies (Source: Nathan W Pyle Buzzfeed Comics)

Have a wonderful 2016!



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