HK Eats: 盈福小廚 Fortune Kitchen / 聰嫂私房甜品 Cong Sao Star Dessert

Note: I’d like to apologize that my posts aren’t really in chronological order. Sometimes I have the sudden urge to finish writing and post and sometimes I just suddenly stop because I forgot the witty remark I really wanted to include. Just wanted to let you know in the event that it was all confusing.

Auntie Pearl and I were in for an unexpected food tasting for Christmas dinner.

Every time I come to Hong Kong, Auntie Pearl never fails to suggest a great place to eat. This is why we get along so well! So knowing that I had requested Chinese food, she searched on Open Rice (HK’s version of Yelp and Zomato) for a place with decent reviews and found Fortune Kitchen. I will admit that I was skeptical though cause some places I’ve tried with great reviews were very ho hum and on the other hand, places with okay reviews turned out to be underrated gems. However, Auntie Pearl checks everything thoroughly and I know that she knows that I know she knows her food. Confused? You and I are merely here to learn from the master.

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Auntie Pearl! (Source: miccadj)

I found out that there were only two seatings for dinner. You can reserve a table between 6pm to 8pm or between 830pm to 1030pm. The staff wouldn’t just let people walk in because tables were already reserved. This is a good thing to know before you plan a meal there. Since there were only two of us, we could only order so much. So we tried to pick the most recommended dishes. We also kept sending photos to my mom to make her jealous 😛

First up was the Fortune Kitchen signature conpoy chicken in bittern sauce. I was wondering what conpoy was and I wanted to be surprised instead of googling it ahead of time, it turned out to be soaked and shredded dried scallops. Not quite sure what bittern sauce was but it didn’t taste bad at all. The half serving of chicken came with two dipping sauces: spicy chili and the traditional ginger green onion oil. The traditional sauce was way more green than yellow which is the usual color. Auntie Pearl said that she thought they had added parsley for the color and some subtle taste. The chicken was very soft and had great flavor. I preferred the ginger green onion oil because I felt that the chili sauce was a little too overwhelming. I still like spicy stuff though. Heh.

I wanna say that it’s really hard to cook a whole chicken perfectly because a lot of the parts don’t cook at the same time. So with all parts being cooked perfectly, I am very impressed. The things I learn when I watch too many Food Network shows.

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Conpoy chicken (Source: miccadj)

We also got a chef’s special, the braised beef brisket with radish in claypot. Note that this dish is only served after 6pm. I’m not exactly sure why but maybe the prep time takes a while? Who knows. I normally find brisket to be tough and very fibrous so I’m usually pretty wary. I think that cooking brisket for a long time makes it very tender and shreddy though. It also helps that this dish had a lot of sauce to make sure the meat doesn’t dry quickly. So the brisket was very tender, the dish included beef tendons too, and the sauce was quite rich. The radish was very mushy which I enjoyed because I like mushy food. Call me an old lady. The sliced green onions that topped the dish kept everything refreshing and gave a nice crisp texture to contrast the soft beef. Great job on a tough piece of meat to cook. No pun intended.

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Braised beef (Source: miccadj)

To finish off and try to be a little healthy we also ordered braised vegetables with dried shrimps and vermicelli in claypot. The vegetables were bok choy in some soup and the vermicelli filled us up instead of getting bowls of rice. I don’t always like vegetables but when I do I like them quite plain and simple. I really liked that the flavor was light and it cut through the rich sauce from the beef dish. A good balance to end the meal.

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Required veggies (Source: miccadj)

After finishing our meal, we walked over the Cong Sao because dining with Auntie Pearl always means that there’s dessert. Yay! It wasn’t too far away from Fortune Kitchen and there was a short line to get in so we were able to digest our dinner before getting sweets. There was a sign in Chinese (No English wahhh) and it said to get a number at the counter before you line up so heads up for that.

Space is usually tight in Hong Kong and sharing a table with random people has always been a normal thing to do. So we squeezed ourselves in with 2 other people and I ordered almond tofu with mango and tapioca (杏汁芒果豆腐花). If I translated that word for word it would be almond juice with mango tofu flower. I’m quite a literal person.

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The dessert to end all desserts! (Source: Instagram)

Dessert was so great because it combined my most favorite sweets: almond tofu, mango, and tapioca! I was too happy to do anything else except enjoy it. The tapioca was crunchier than I expected but again, texture. Yum! Willing to wait in line all over again.

So Christmas dinner was eventually reserved at Fortune Kitchen and I will probably try to make my way to Cong Sao again even if my parents try to stop me 😛

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Happy because my hair is behaving and food of course! My collar is bothering me though… (Source: Instagram)

盈福小廚 Fortune Kitchen
G/F 5 Lan Fong Rd
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2697 7317
Monday to Sunday 1130H – 1700H; 1800H – 2230H

聰嫂私房甜品 Cong Sao Star Dessert
G/F 11 Yiu Wa St
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
+852 2278 2622
Monday to Sunday 1230H – 0030H



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