BKK Food/TTD: Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk  Part 3 of 3

Our last destination and meal for the night is considered by many as Bangkok’s best pad thai restaurant. By the time we got there, everyone looked quite tired since it was already 1130pm. Our stomachs were also slightly sticking out compared to when we started. Just slightly.

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Scooping out pad thai like a boss! Pretty sure she’s actually the boss. (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

As we waddled towards the restaurant, I notice a bunch of people just stopping to take photos of the kitchen which was essentially on the side walk and how everything runs so methodically. A couple of people were mixing ingredients on one side, another pair was cooking the pad thai, the person who looked to be the owner/proprietor was scooping out pad thai from piping hot woks to plate, and another guy was coating them with scrambled eggs. This all happened very fast. It was an assembly line of pad thai! We were told to pick between the original pad thai recipe or the variation which included it being wrapped in egg. Since the parents were “full”, we just got one of each and shared (instead of one plate for each of us).

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Pad thai assembly line (Source: miccadj)

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Cooking and plating the eggs took a max 10 seconds (Source: miccadj)

As we sat down, I faced the wall and there were so many awards, old school signages, and framed newspaper clippings. Established in the 1960’s (I forget what year exactly), this place was basically riddled in history and they had a Smeg refrigerator to boot.

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Vintage signs for pad thai (Source: miccadj)

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And all the awards and newspaper clippings of course (Source: miccadj)

We were given some beansprouts and limes to add and other condiments like vinegar, fish sauce, chilis, crushed peanuts, and sugar were on the table waiting for us. The egg version came out first which is what I was used to seeing in the US when pad thai was ordered. The scrambled egg perfectly coated the orange pad thai. Cutting through the egg to get to the orange pad thai was glorious as steam comes out and you can smell the deliciousness. This version uses fresh shrimps with tofu, beansprouts, and green onions. I forget where the bright orange color comes from because I was too excited to eat my egg version pad thai. Yum yum yum all around!

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A perfect little egg pouch filled with delicious pad thai (Source: miccadj)

Then the original version of pad thai came along. Unlike the egg version, this was less orange and Phang told us that they use dried shrimps for this recipe. I think that dried shrimps have a more robust and concentrated flavor so we put less condiments on the original recipe pad thai. It was a tad sweeter than the pad thai with egg and unlike the pad thai I had in the US, the noodles for both are different and stickier, I kinda liked that better. Overall, I think I preferred the egg wrapped pad thai partly because of presentation hehe :]

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OG pad thai (Source: miccadj)

Before we ended we got to taste more Thai desserts. Phang gave us a plate of Thai fortune cookies and coconut pudding with brown sugar wrapped in pandan leaves. The Thai fortune cookie kinda looked like a baby tacos complete with cheese! But alas, it is coconut flavored cream and shreds but it was pretty good. The coconut pudding was what you can expect, very soft and somewhat crumbly. Maybe it was steaming too long? My mom liked that one a lot. I still preferred the mango sticky rice from before though. All this considering I don’t exactly like coconut that much. Oops.

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Thai fortune cookies (Source: miccadj)

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Coconut pudding (Source: miccadj)

Before we hoped back into our tuk tuks to head home, I grabbed the biggest bottle of orange juice this place was selling. I’ve heard that aside from the pad thai, this place has the best orange just by far. They were also bottled for easy to go consumption. The juice was quite sweet and pulpy but not the artificial sugar kind of sweet. This orange juice can really stand on its own if it wanted to!

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In love with this stuff! (Source: miccadj)

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Bangkok Food Tours and especially the Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk because it lets you experience a different side of Bangkok at night. I believe you get your money’s worth in terms of the tour, food, and transportation. If you’re only in town for a short time, it’s definitely one way to hit up a bunch of good restaurants in one go!

BFT from Phang

I’m surprised our tuk tuk was able to bring us back after all the eating (Source: Phang Bangkok Food Tours)

Note: Names of establishments are not mentioned just to be fair to Bangkok Food Tours. You can probably Google it if you really want to find out or if you take the tour, you’ll get the names and even a map.

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