MNL TTD/Drinks: ABV Masterclass Vol. 1 Fundamentals of Craft Cocktails (Shaken & Stirred Drinks)

I mentioned the Masterclass a few days back so here it is. I finally had the chance to take the ABV Masterclass after a few missed weeks because of my volatile weekend schedule (Hint: I have no schedule and things just pop up like mushrooms after the rain on a golf course). I was supposed to take the class the weekend before at 10am since it’s never too early for happy hour. It’s also 5pm somewhere in the world. That class got cancelled though cause not everyone shared my views on happy hour so here I was. Heh.

There were only 6 of us in our class which is the minimum for any class to push through. We had Pat and Ken for our instructors that day and they helped us learn a little bit about the history of cocktails, different ingredients, and how to make them. We even got to create our own custom drink! 

ABV Master Class 3

Eager beaver learners (Source: ABV Facebook)

Volume 1 covered stirred and shaken drinks and is an easy segway into the world of spirits. We were introduced to 3 basic drinks: Gin Tonic, Whiskey Sour, and Negroni. Ken quickly whipped up 6 Gin Tonics for us as a starter. We talked about the history of spirits and prohibition among other things then Ken made us a Whiskey Sour and explained why an egg white was included in the mix. Suddenly we were ready to make our very own Whiskey Sours. Shaking a drink is a lot more tiring than I expected it to be.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Shaken drink: ✓ (Source: miccadj)

Next up was the classic Negroni. Compossed of equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, the bright red concoction is surprisingly not sweet. It’s definitely more on the bitter side and when I first had it years ago, I expected more of a strawberry gummy bear taste. Nope. The Negroni was easy enough to make because the ingredients are easy to remember. Stirred in a mixing glass and poured in a rocks glass, it’s topped off with a fragrant orange peel. Difference in flavors would be noticed in preferred gins and/or sweet vermouths used. I was very bad at stirring gracefully. I was also already 2 drinks in >.>;;

ABV Master Class 4

Taking much needed stirring tips from Pat (Source: ABV Facebook)

We had come to the point of making our very own craft cocktails and I wasn’t creative enough so I just said that I wanted make an Old Fashioned with single malt instead of bourbon or rye. Well, it turned out amazing and I was very pleased. I used Laphroaig 12 which has the peaty flavor that I really enjoy and is similar-ish to Hakushu 12. The rest of the ingredients were standard to an Old Fashioned and finally garnished with both an orange peel and a lemon peel. I’m very glad that I wrote all my ingredients and instructions down. My Single Malt Old Fashioned was very quickly finished :3

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

Laphroaig Old Fashioned to pull at my heartstrings (Source: miccadj)

Whether you want to learn how to make drinks, know some spirit-ual (har har) history, or what have you, the ABV Masterclass is really something to experience. If you’re super pro, they also have more advanced classes in the future. You also get to drink the stuff you made so hey, why not? Make sure you eat something beforehand!

ABV Masterclass
+632 832 5330



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