MNL Eats: Ming Kee Live Seafood

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Tucked away in Brgy Poblacion near A. Venue on Makati Ave is Ming Kee. Located in a skinny building across the Berjaya Hotel with barely any parking but with a wide of a variety of seafood for show and the kitchen where you can see the experienced chefs working. I believe the restaurant has either 4 or 5 floors and there’s an elevator for customers but none for the staff (or a dumbwaiter for the food) so I saw them running up and down the stairs the whole night.

I had called to make a reservation on a Thursday night thinking that the place would be packed. The reservation needed to be changed and the staff was kind enough to allow me to push back the time by 30 mins.

Ming Kee 2

The Star Dish: Crab Bihon (Source: Ming Kee)

We had the char siu, Hainanese chicken, homestyle tofu, kailan, crab bihon, salt and pepper mantis prawn, and lychee cream jello. I disagree that the star of the show is crab bihon, you really can’t go wrong with crab bihon. The real star of this joint is the homestyle tofu. The Hainanese chicken (and I eat a lot of Hainanese chicken) wasn’t bad either. It just took forever to come out. I also wanted to try the Guinness pork ribs but they were out of stock. Maybe next time. The lychee cream jello was teeny tiny so I think it was gone in one bite. The mantis prawn. Can we just talk about the mantis prawn? I think they were rushing to cook the poor thing cause we had been waiting for a good 30 mins. The prawn was still raw on the inside. Credit to them for adding a few more pieces when we got it back.

Ming Kee 1

Hainanese chicken (Source: Kel S. Zomato)

Ming Kee 4

Homestyle tofu aka crack tofu (Source: Kel S. Zomato)

The place wasn’t full at all except for the 4th floor which according to the staff had a big party of 2 round tables. The service was excruciatingly slow. So we basically ate (more waiting than eating) for 2 hours. Everything came out One. At. A. Time. I thought my dad was over reacting by voicing out his displeasure at the speed of service but we weren’t the only table complaining. The staff said it was possible that the big party got served first even though a lot of the tables arrived ahead of them. Definitely not the way to go, man. Just imagine if the place was packed.

Ming Kee 3

Salt and pepper mantis prawns (Source: Ming Kee)

The wait staff is definitely A+. They were very understanding in our frustrations and noted that we weren’t the only ones who complained. Props to them for being able to keep this place running. I feel bad for the manager because all this falls on him. I really hope he gets to talk to his chefs about this cause not a lot of people are willing to dine for 2 whole hours if it ain’t The French Laundry.

I apologize for the unpopular opinion. No, I don’t. Because as much as possible, Imma tell it like it is.

Ming Kee Live Seafood
7852 Makati Ave, Poblacion
Makati, Metro Manila
+632 246 9069 x253
Monday to Sunday 1100H – 1400H; 1800H – 2200H



2 thoughts on “MNL Eats: Ming Kee Live Seafood

  1. Nick

    I passed by it yesterday and I found the design of the restaurant interesting and peculiar since, from what I remember, the entire kitchen was on the ground floor. The aquariums caught my eye though. We haven’t eaten here yet and I’m hoping if we do manage to try it out the speed of the food improves. (My dad hates slow food service D:)

    I can see how the sea mantis was really a letdown. It looks pretty good! Or I’m just a sucker for seafood.


    1. miccadj Post author

      It was probably one of those hit or miss places and I think when we went, they had only recently opened? Maybe? Hopefully the service has improved but I am quite loyal to certain Chinese restaurants as per Momma dJ. No harm in adding another to the list.



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