MNL Eats/Drinks: ABV

You see that sign on the corner screaming “BACON & BURGERS THIS WAY”? To a well trained eye (fine, or to someone who’s been there before) it also says awesome bar is here. Come inside. Eat. Drink. Be merry.

ABV was introduced to me by a friend’s sister who frequents the place and knew that I enjoyed my fair share of specialty bars and speakeasies. So my friend and I find ourselves nomming on burgers at Lazy Bastard and asking to go into the bar afterwards. There’s a not so secret door, you’ll probably notice it, or I just asked one of the staff if we could go in. Slide the door open, push of a button, a buzz, and then bam you’re in. Don’t forget to shut the doors behind you.

Magic in progress (Source: Instagram)

Magic in progress
(Source: Instagram)

ABV itself is very dimly lit with the ambient lighting being some low ceiling lights and tea candles on every table. It keeps the speakeasy feel of not really being able to clearly see who’s inside the bar. It’s a nice and cozy atmosphere, great for talking and just nursing a drink. Not any of that tugs tugs club stuff. I will say that it gets quite loud on the weekends when more people pour in but that doesn’t stop me from coming back.

I personally enjoy sitting at the bar and watching everything happen (Source: Instagram)

I personally enjoy sitting at the bar and watching everything happen
(Source: Instagram)

They have a good selection of drinks and food on the menu. The food is somewhat similar to what Lazy Bastard offers although there are some slight tweaks. If you don’t want a drink from the menu, you can always ask the bartenders to make you something else and you can specify what you like. To be honest, I’ve only ever gotten Old Fashioned’s and anything with whiskey here but I do appreciate that they ask me how I like it. I also appreciate that they use (what I believe is) the correct kind of ice for the Old Fashioned.

Stay golden (Source: Instagram)

Stay golden
(Source: Instagram)

On August 12th an updated menu came out with more bespoke cocktails and food. I only remember the date because my friend was in town not because I have Sherlock Holmes-like abilities. Although I wish that I did have superb observational skills. More whiskey based drinks came out and my new go to drink has become the Lazy Old Fashioned which has bacon. You can’t say no to bacon. Another cool drink is the Señorita Marquesa, which involves rosemary and a blowtorch. Possibly one of the most fragrant drinks made in front of me.

Saving the best (the bacon strip) for last (Source: Instragram)

Saving the best (the bacon strip duh) for last
(Source: Instragram)

Blowtorch time (Source: Instagram)

Blowtorch time
(Source: Instagram)

The staff is quite knowledgable about spirits and that’s great for those of us who aren’t too familiar with them. Takes an edge off the intimidation of a bar. ABV recently started offering a Master Class for those interested in learning how to make cocktails. More deets on how that went soon! Also more info on ABV’s Facebook page if you’re interested!

ABV Master Class where you learn to make drinks and drink them too (Source: ABV Facebook)

ABV Masterclass where you learn to make drinks and drink them too (yes, yes Asian glow)
(Source: ABV Facebook)

I do have to say that parking is an issue. Both Lazy Bastard and ABV only have 2 allotted parking spaces around the building. There is street parking and you’d have the pay the guy who watches the car but better safe than sorry.

B/F, 22 Jupiter St, Bel-Air
Makati, Metro Manila
+63 917 520 1608
Monday to Sunday 2000H – 0200H (or til late)



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