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I have too many and not enough words at the same time for this airport.

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Hong Kong International Airport (Source: Instagram)

Within 3 years of full operations HKG had won Skytrax “Airport of The Year” an unprecedented 5 times in a row and an additional 3 times after that. While it is currently not in the top 3 (bahhhhh), I still think it is the best airport 5ever. What really sets it apart from the rest for me is actual in-city check-in at Hong Kong station and Kowloon station for almost all airlines and not just a selected few. Also, last minute 大家樂 meals.

Your 7th busiest airport for passenger traffic and world’s busiest airport for cargo traffic, HKG still blowing my mind with its efficiency after all these years. Bravo.



MNL TTD/Drinks: ABV Masterclass Vol. 1 Fundamentals of Craft Cocktails (Shaken & Stirred Drinks)

I mentioned the Masterclass a few days back so here it is. I finally had the chance to take the ABV Masterclass after a few missed weeks because of my volatile weekend schedule (Hint: I have no schedule and things just pop up like mushrooms after the rain on a golf course). I was supposed to take the class the weekend before at 10am since it’s never too early for happy hour. It’s also 5pm somewhere in the world. That class got cancelled though cause not everyone shared my views on happy hour so here I was. Heh.

There were only 6 of us in our class which is the minimum for any class to push through. We had Pat and Ken for our instructors that day and they helped us learn a little bit about the history of cocktails, different ingredients, and how to make them. We even got to create our own custom drink! 

ABV Master Class 3

Eager beaver learners (Source: ABV Facebook)

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And on the 11th month

Awkward Yeti Thanksgiving

Well then (Source:

Thanksgiving in America and Christmas season in Asia and basically everywhere else in the world. Anyone want to start forming a list of resolutions? While turkey day isn’t all Thanksgiving is about, I do miss turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce and watching football after. 2015 wasn’t the most splendid year in the history of Micca but there is still a lot to be thankful for.



MNL Eats: Ming Kee Live Seafood

Note: Whoa! WordPress changed their posting layout so photos are quite big now. I shall leave them at that.

Tucked away in Brgy Poblacion near A. Venue on Makati Ave is Ming Kee. Located in a skinny building across the Berjaya Hotel with barely any parking but with a wide of a variety of seafood for show and the kitchen where you can see the experienced chefs working. I believe the restaurant has either 4 or 5 floors and there’s an elevator for customers but none for the staff (or a dumbwaiter for the food) so I saw them running up and down the stairs the whole night.

I had called to make a reservation on a Thursday night thinking that the place would be packed. The reservation needed to be changed and the staff was kind enough to allow me to push back the time by 30 mins.

Ming Kee 2

The Star Dish: Crab Bihon (Source: Ming Kee)

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Kansai Eats: Street Food

Whenever I get the chance to travel, I make sure to do certain things so I can get to know a culture better. Sometimes I go to photo-worthy spots, find restaurants and coffee shops I want to try, and even go to supermarkets because shopping for food is the ultimate shopping. I also try to go out of my way to try street food because 1) it’s cheap, 2) it’s fast, and 3) it’s almost everywhere. I’m sorry, that almost sounds like McDonald’s.

He said no photos but contrary to popular belief, I break rules too (Source: miccadj)

He said no photos but contrary to popular belief, I break rules too
(Source: miccadj)

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MNL Eats/Drinks: ABV

You see that sign on the corner screaming “BACON & BURGERS THIS WAY”? To a well trained eye (fine, or to someone who’s been there before) it also says awesome bar is here. Come inside. Eat. Drink. Be merry.

ABV was introduced to me by a friend’s sister who frequents the place and knew that I enjoyed my fair share of specialty bars and speakeasies. So my friend and I find ourselves nomming on burgers at Lazy Bastard and asking to go into the bar afterwards. There’s a not so secret door, you’ll probably notice it, or I just asked one of the staff if we could go in. Slide the door open, push of a button, a buzz, and then bam you’re in. Don’t forget to shut the doors behind you.

Magic in progress (Source: Instagram)

Magic in progress
(Source: Instagram)

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Osaka Eats: ささや 備長炭 やきとり Sasaya Binchotan Yakitori

A quick study of chicken. And chicken parts.

Big Brother aka Baby Juan Monkey aka Brah Brah and I arrived at Kansai International Airport (KIX) within minutes of each other. We didn’t really plan the timing, the plane I was on just decided to delay itself. I kid, I kid. After getting a little lost (thank Sweet Baby Jesus for Google Maps) trying to find our Airbnb, we were pretty much starving for dinner at 10pm.

Proof that we actually hang out with each other also, hungry face = awkward face (Source: Instagram)

Proof that we actually hang out with each other also, hungry face = awkward face
(Source: Instagram)

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