MNL Eats: Dayrit’s

I just discovered my newest comfort food place (that isn’t Jollibee) courtesy of my dad! We  were driving to the south for a round of golf and stopped for lunch at Paseo de Magallanes along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). He gave me a choice of Pancake House (basically our local IHOP) or Dayrit’s. I picked the later because Lord knows I spent too much time at Pancake House during high school.

Dadness explained that there used to be a Dayrit’s near the high schools he, my brother, and I went to and that he and his friends would hang out there because Jollibee had yet to exist. *cue nostalgic daddy music* Dadness and I each proceed to order a sago’t gulaman as a drink but it came in a pretty big ice cream dish so it was kinda like an appetizer. Or a dessert that we ate first. Dessert, yes. We like tapioca and grass jelly (basically any jelly or gummy thing really) a lot so it was a welcome treat for the impending humidity we were gonna feel later on the golf course.

Sago't gulaman yumz (Source: Instagram)

Sago’t gulaman yumz
(Source: Instagram)

Dayrit’s specializes in burgers and roast beef so I zoomed in on the chili cheeseburger. It was a glorious burger and to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of burgers. It was bun, cheese, chili, patty, cheese, bun. I didn’t expect the double cheese but I wasn’t gonna complain and neither was my stomach at that point. It definitely hit the spot and as much as I love Jollibee, its burger cannot compare. The order for a burger was literally just the burger. I almost put condiments on it but had second thought because why ruin a good chili? I should’ve ordered a side of fries to go with it. Next time!

That burger though (Source: miccadj)

That burger though
(Source: miccadj)

My dad got the corned beef which I thought was going to be the canned Purefoods stuff. Nope. It was a legit slice of corned beef and it came with potato, carrots, cabbage, and some broth. I had slight regrets not ordering it but he let me try some because I’m his favorite daughter. I’m also his only daughter so he has no choice but to love me. The taste was the right amount of briny, not too overpowering and the vegetables were boiled just right. Not too mushy that you’d think you’re eating baby food. Oh, and it comes with either rice or bread. Definitely ordering this when I come back!

Corned beef worth coming back for (Source: miccadj)

Corned beef worth coming back for
(Source: miccadj)

I’m for sure coming back here even though it’s a little out of the way from my usual hang out places since it reeks of nostalgia and memories. Dayrit’s reminds me of the 90’s (because that’s as far as I can remember), a time when things were simpler and little things made you happy. At Dayrit’s things may seem simple but they definitely do it right.

Unit 4 G/F Mega Center Bldg
Paseo de Magallanes, Magallanes
Makati, Metro Manila
+632 854 9943
Monday to Saturday 0700H – 2200H
Sunday 0700H – 2100H



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