East Bay Eats/Drinks: Barclay’s Restaurant and Pub

Throwback review to when I lived in California!

Barclay’s has a very good selection of beers on a rotating tap. They have about 20 different ones every 2-3 weeks . A good thing to do is join the beer tasting club! There are rewards once you hit a certain number of beers tasted. You can order a full pint, a half pint, or a shot to taste.

The Parliament Beer Tasting Club (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

The Parliament Beer Tasting Club
(Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

The food is pretty good too with different specials every single day. Check their website for updates! Although I expected the fish and chips to be better. That made me sad. Otherwise, their sandwiches are on point. Also, if they have the lamb shank braised with red wine sauce over mashed potatoes. Just get it. Unless you don’t like lamb. I am also sorry for always finishing the ketchup!

Delicious pub grub (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

Delicious pub grub
(Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

The servers are really nice and they remembered us after 2 or 3 times of coming back and they give pretty good recommendations as well. I do like how they tell us when there’s one or a few of the special left before we order food.

It gets pretty crowded during major game days so parking might be an issue but they have abundant TVs which you can see from sitting almost anywhere. What I do like about Barclay’s is that it isn’t that accessible to college students. Ironic cause it’s on College Ave and I was also a college student not too long ago but let’s face it, some college kids act super dumb when they’re in bars.

Barclay's is best experienced with the best of friends (Source: Norman Lee)

Barclay’s is best experienced with the best of friends
(Source: Norman Lee)

This was short and sweet. I MISS YOU, BARCLAY’S. I miss you too, friends.

Barclay’s Restaurant and Pub
5940 College Ave
Oakland CA 94618
+1 510 654 1650
Monday to Friday 1100H – 0000H
Saturday to Sunday 1000H – 0000H



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