MNL Drinks: EDSA Beverage Design Group

EDSA Beverage Design Group can be hard to find if you don’t look hard enough. Luckily (or not), traffic almost always crawls on EDSA that you can spot this wonderful coffee shop just past the Shell station next to Metrobank. It is literally on EDSA. There is little parking in front especially during regular business hours but there is street parking on Florida St right behind the building (parallel to EDSA) and you could just walk through the Shell station. I don’t actually know if you have to pay since no one ever stops me when I leave.. *shrug*

Recently installed sign of EDSA BDG (Source: miccadj)

Newly installed sign for EDSA BDG
(Source: miccadj)

I for one am very glad that there is a local roaster that is quite accessible. Keeps the longing for Blue Bottle and Philz at bay (no pun intended if you know what I mean). The actual cafe is on the second floor of the building but you will be walking through what I think is the roasting and bottling area. Dark, concrete walls and high ceilings make up a wonderful atmosphere for the cafe/bar hybrid. There is a patio area for people to enjoy a smoke while sipping their drinks. There are also different rooms/areas that you can sit in unless there is an ongoing seminar. Which leads me to saying that EDSA BDG offers classes and seminars for those who are interested in learning more about coffee and the like.

YKW cold brew (Source: Instagram)

YKW cold brew
(Source: Instagram)

The bottled YKW (short for You Know Who) cold brew is always a refreshing option on a hot day which is basically everyday, let’s be real. It also looks cool cause you kinda look like you’re drinking a beer so early in the day. It’s got a great fruity and slightly bitter flavor which definitely doesn’t need sugar or a splash of milk. The Americano is served in a cute little Gibraltar glass but don’t let the size fool you, that stuff is strong and does the job! The Purple Haze blend is less bitter than the Dark Matter Theory but hey, whatever floats your boat. Or whatever grinds your milk as my dad likes to say. Yesterday, they gave us a free taste of Theo & Philo chocolates to match our coffee! Theo & Philo is a local brand of artisan chocolates made with, you guessed it, local ingredients! Purple Haze got paired with dark chocolate with siling labuyo (Philippine wild chili) while Dark Matter Theory got paired with milk chocolate with toasted pili nuts and pinipig (rice crisps).

Purple Haze roast Americano with Theo & Philo dark chocolate with siling labuyo (Source: Instagram)

Purple Haze roast Americano with Theo & Philo dark chocolate with siling labuyo
(Source: Instagram)

This isn’t your neighborhood Starbucks where people just go to eat dessert. The coffee here is the real deal and much appreciated by forever sleepy people like me. But you can also get dessert and actual food since I’ve also heard from friends that the bacon cinnamon bun is great but I’ve never tried it cause I can’t take cinnamon to save my life. #NoToCinnamonChallenge

There are also drink drinks for those of you who enjoy the stronger stuff which I think is a great concept since not everyone can drink coffee at night. A lovely concept is Better Common which is a pre-crafted bottle of drink drinks. They have some 10+ different mixes and what’s great is that Better Common comes in two sizes so it’s easier to try different flavors and definitely a lot of fun when you’re with a bunch of friends. Some non-alcoholic drinks include COO sodas and TBGB ginger beers. I haven’t tried COO but TBGB is great! Watch out since some of the drink ingredients include brightness :]

Please (Source: Instagram)

Gotta search around for this piece of art
(Source: Instagram)

For those of you who want to wake up or want a cool place to hang out, give this place a shot (no pun intended again)! It’s basically a place that serves all the drinks I love to enjoy!

EDSA Beverage Design Group
209 EDSA (Southbound), Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila
+632 631 9035
Monday to Saturday 0800H – 0000H
Sunday 0800H – 1900H



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