MNL Eats: Valero Eat Street

I was trying to figure out how I heard about the Valero Eat Street event but to be honest I forgot. Because I am a very very forgetful person. I believe one of my best friends told me about it now that I think about it. I’m so forgetful, I don’t only need my phone to remind me of things but also an actual planner. Ho hum.

We decided to start early because early bird gets the worm. In this case, early Micca gets to eat more food. Starting the day right with a bottle of cold brew from Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee Barako Pure Black (unsweetened). They had two more flavors namely Barako Vanilla and Barako Mexican. 90% of the time, I get a cold brew/iced coffee if the weather is hot and humid which it almost always is here. Cold brew is a more concentrated brew and therefore a stronger coffee. Props to Boom’s and I hope to be able to find this again!

Boom's Cold Brew waking me up and cooling me down (Source: miccadj)

Boom’s Cold Brew waking me up and cooling me down
(Source: miccadj)

Next up, actual food cause we were hangry people! We got paella negra from ArroZeria which I found out is run by Vask. The Philippines has great Spanish food because hey, if you were colonized by the same people for more than 300 years what do you want to take away from that? Food. Oh and religious fervor I guess. Back to the paella. Negra is my personal favorite because I like squid ink and I don’t have to deal with chicken bones or peas or other stuff. It’s simple, delicious, and easily more expensive because of the squid ink ><;; They also said it was a best seller and I like checking my smile out in the mirror after I’ve eaten it.

We then got an American Philly cheesesteak sandwiches from Elbert’s Sandwiches. There were burgers and pulled pork sandwiches too but I wanted to taste something that I haven’t had since I was actually in Philadelphia last year. The beef could’ve been thinner but it was cooked perfectly. It just kinda tore apart when you bit into it and the melted American cheese and grilled onions really did the trick! Mmm sarap (In English: Mmm yummy). If only we had some nacho cheese for extra toppings hehehe. I will note that I really like cheese even though it’s dairy and sometimes I will just eat it because I miss it. Plus, it’s delicious and it makes my brain tickle so yea.

Paella by ArroZeria (Source: miccadj)

Paella by ArroZeria
(Source: miccadj)

Elbert's Sandwiches cooking up my Philly cheesesteak (Source: miccadj)

Elbert’s Sandwiches cooking up my Philly cheesesteak
(Source: miccadj)

We were hunting around for other small bites when we stumbled upon the sorbetes (“dirty” ice cream) cart. He had a sign next to him that looked like funky ice cream flavors with dinuguan (blood pudding), aligue (crab fat) corn, sago’t gulaman (tapioca and jelly) lychee, etc. They were not funky sorbetes flavors… They were a menu for Sabao just across. We got tricked by a strategically placed sign and got rewarded with actual aligue corn. The crab fat covering the corn is definitely a better substitute for butter and salt. Next to Sabao, I ordered a black Lapu-Lapu (grouper) ceviche from what I wanna say was Bait’s by Chef Joseph Margate (but I’m not sure so correct me if I’m wrong) because I love raw and almost raw things. The fish was definitely very fresh and the ingredients were very well thought out in how they melded together. The problem I had was that I paid P200 for 5 bits of fish and 1 chicharon (deep fried pig skin). If I could be like Jesus and split 5 loaves and 2 fish to infinity, I would. P150 or P175 would have been justifiable but I felt P200 was a bit much. The container could literally have been a sauce cup instead of a small bowl. Still yummy though.

Aligue corn from Sabao (Source: miccadj)

Aligue corn from Sabao
(Source: miccadj)

Lapu-Lapu ceviche that I wanna say was from Bait's by Chef Joseph Margate (Source: miccadj)

Black Lapu-Lapu ceviche 
(Source: miccadj)

For a sweet treat and to make myself feel better I ended up getting a popsicle from LiqMyStick ( Yes, yes, that’s what she said). I was able to talk to the guy manning the booth and he was explaining how they don’t use and animal products so no milk! I got the Clover Club 47 which was made of Monkey 47 gin, raspberry, lemon, and pineapple. Very refreshing on a humid day where you’re not sure if it’s gonna rain or not. Spoiler alert: it rained. I also got a denim apron with brown straps from Elle and Ken because 1) it was a cute apron which they call a Yaypron and 2) I don’t have an apron when I cook so I tend to mess my clothes up. They also have a lot of different colors and materials if you don’t like good old blue and brown so check them out!

McCormicks Philippines which was one of the sponsors of the event also held a couple of cooking workshops by Sabrina Artadi and Erwan Heussaff. Hi Erwan! Frankly, I didn’t stay for them because the workshops were a little later in the day and I knew a crowd would appear. I don’t like crowds and it’s difficult for me to justify them sometimes. I did see a lot of posts on Instagram @valeroeatstreet so I’m pretty sure that was the highlight of the event. Erwan and I can meet when our fates collide mainly because I think his food concepts are pretty freakin’ amazing and I like his glasses.

Always (Source: miccadj)

(Source: miccadj)

Overall, I believe that there was an equal amount of sweet and savory food but I think I felt too overwhelmed from the number of people that started to crowd around the smaller space that I needed to get out. The end actually consisted of us walking to Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine and getting more food cause our tum tums weren’t full from lunch. Hopefully this event can be a continuous thing, maybe every month or so to showcase up and comping restaurants and concepts that will surely raise everyone’s creativity to a new level.

Valero Eat Street
Signa Designer Residences
V.A. Rufino cor. Valero, Salcedo Village
Makati, Metro Manila
19 September 2015
1100H – 2000H



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