MNL Eats: 12/10

Man oh man, this place is great! Definitely a must try for those foodies who are looking something a little different than the traditional fair. A little tricky to get to if you’re using Waze or Google Maps cause they make you turn left instead of right (coming from Sacred Heart St). Then again Guijo St is 2 blocks so you’ll definitely find 12/10. Parking is on the street so practice your parallel parking, kids!

I’ve been lucky enough dine here a few times and I’ve found myself almost always ordering the same thing (unless they change the menu). The orders are small plates so they are definitely made to share and try a lot of different things. So far I’ve tried the spicy tuna salad, mackerel ceviche, scallops with beets, blowtorched salmon, salmon kushiyaki, wagyu, chicken karaage, and the toro onigiri.

Perfectly torched salmon with uni, caviar, nori, and shiso (Source: Instagram)

Perfectly torched salmon with uni, caviar, nori, and shiso
(Source: Instagram)

The spicy tuna salad was great! Instead of the usual tempura bits, seaweed, tobiko, and cucumbers were used for the crunch factor making it a more refreshing dish. The mackerel ceviche was not to sour which allowed us to savor the coconut flavor of the dip. The scallops were perfectly cooked although I thought with the beets, they were kinda bland. The blowtorched salmon was heaven. The combination of perfectly cooked salmon, uni, and caviar with the seaweed for crunch and shiso for the refreshing taste took away the overly briny taste of the uni. I didn’t really enjoy the salmon kushiyaki cause I thought the salmon was overcooked when I had it. The wagyu was perfectly medium and great with or without the pumpkin dip. The chicken karaage was pretty standard although I didn’t like the eggplant gochujang dip cause I don’t really like eggplant in general. The toro onigiri was great except I don’t think you’d know there was foie gras if you didn’t look at the menu because I felt that the amount of cheese was overwhelming. Overall, I didn’t really deviate from these dishes and the combination of any of them have always made for a great meal!

And in that moment, i swear the wagyu and I were infinite (Source: Instagram)

And in that moment, I swear the wagyu and I were infinite
(Source: Instagram)

They always seem to run out of the Coffee Old Fashioned ><;; But their other drinks aren’t bad at all. A couple I’ve gotten are an Old Fashioned with Four Roses Single Barrel and a special concoction called Fuck you, Daisy. Both were quite delicious and went great with my meals.

Fuck You, Daisy (Source: Instagram)

Fuck You, Daisy
(Source: Instagram)

It’s fun to sit at the bar and watch the team make so many different drinks and just admire the selection of liquors they have on hand. If you sit at the corner you can also ask them to see their coffee table books on hand which include the Momofuku cookbook and the Shake book among other titles.

The price is a little up there but you can’t deny the quality of the ingredients in each dish. I wouldn’t consider this specifically a date place but I imagine it’s better to experience it with a small group of friends to maximize the experience. 12/10 doesn’t take reservations unless you have a party of 7 or more so best to get there early on a busy day. 12/10 coming back! (Does anyone get my jokes? >.>)

7635 Guijo St, San Antonio Village
Makati, Metro Manila
Monday to Saturday 1700H – 2300H



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