“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Wise words from Julia Child.

My name is Micca and this non-angsty food/travel/anything else blog has probably been 10 years in the making. I thought since I’ve been writing some reviews on Yelp, Zomato, and Open Rice, why don’t I just consolidate everything into one site. That would only take up one app space on my phone. Because I have the perpetual millennial problem of not having enough phone storage. I don’t take too many photos, I don’t have all the music I want, and I guess maybe I have one to many news apps but I just can’t wait for iOS 9 to officially come out. Because iOS 8 is taking up way too much space like someone who won’t stop asking questions in a public forum. Go figure.

So far I’ve decided not to limit myself to just talking about food but other things as well. Travel, news, sports, people who annoy me (Just kidding!), etc. I figured that a well rounded blog makes a well rounded blogger and if someone were to ask if I was in shape, well, you have your literal and figurative answer.

Please laugh at my jokes not at me (Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

Please laugh at my jokes not at me
(Source: @micca.dj Instagram)

In any case, I will close this off with food because why not.

Why food, Micca? Well, I just really like food! Who doesn’t. A statement, not a question. I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad. I eat when it’s raining, I eat when I’m mad. We could make a lovely poem out of this but I love to eat so much that when I was born, the nurses bade me goodbye with “Ay, si matakaw uuwi na!”  In English: “Oh, the fatty is going home!” Or how some moms call their daughters Princess as a term of endearment. Momma dJ has taken it to a whole new level and refers to me with my own term of endearment that also starts with the letter P. Piglet. Boom.

So we all have quirks. Like the way I would prefer a second dinner instead of having dessert. A savory tooth if you will. And while I may not always agree with food bloggers who are already very established and who I really look up to, let’s all agree that food is truly a wonderful thing, something that everyone should be able to enjoy.

Please bear with me on this little side project that I have since I don’t always like just being stuck in a rolly chair!



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